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    Congrats Minto San

    Just got my copy of Japanese Performance through the post - well done to Mint for earning car of the month :thumbs:
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    FS: Carbon Gear Gaitor Surround

    1x Real carbon gear gaitor surround. This is an EPRacing part which was part of the gear gaitor/stereo surround group buy. I've got the stereo surround in my car and kept the original gaiter surround, albeit repainted, so this is up for grabs. Looking for £30 including delivery :)...
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    WTB: Air con control unit

    I'm after a spare air con control unit from under the stereo. Want to have a play around with LEDs and filters with the aim of putting together a 'kit' for it to match lighting built into my dial kits :)
  4. mook - Custom Dials and Graphics

    Well, been about on the board for a little while now and having finished my graphics thought it was appropriate to let you guys know what I do in my spare time. I have a small home run company called Skewer Ltd which I run with my long suffering wife. The main aspect is the custom graphics - I...
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    Graphics are complete

    Well, after plenty of hard work I've finally got the graphics all sorted. Here's some of the pics, hope you like :D
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    New bits arrived...

    Ooooh, exciting! Mr. Posty gave me this nice box this morning, from Nengun, and a week sooner than they initially estimated, so rather pleased with that :nod: All will be revealed in a week or so ;)
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    Shortening the handbrake handle

    Is it me or does the handbrake handle seem needlessly long? I'm thinking about taking a good couple of inches out of it, possibly more, and just wondered what the best way to go about it would be. I'm guessing it would want the 'chunk' cut out of the middle somewhere and the end welded back on...
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    Mt graphics ideas

    My graphics ideas Right, I'm working on getting my graphics sorted now. I had come up with a design before I even picked the car up (too keen!) but sizing it up against the car it just didn't look quite right. Here's the design as they first started with the intention of having it on the...
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    My Other Car...

    Thought I'd post up a quick thread for my other beasty, code named Project Rufus. Rufus is my '92 Toyota Celica ST185 RC, ie. the limited edition WRC homologation model with wide arch body, vented bonnet and chargecooler upgrade aswell as a few other nice touches. Soon after purchasing in the...
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    OE Steering wheel

    I'm looking to update my interior a bit, and one of the things I plan to do is repaint the grey plastics a bit brighter, including the inserts in the steering wheel (which have partly rubbed off anyway). Is there an easy way to get them off or do I need to remove the wheel to do so? If...
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    Are my screens going to pop out?!

    I've noticed, more recently since the cold weather with ice forming on the car, that when I reverse off my drive (which is on a slope downwards) onto te road (which is on another slope left to right) that I get some right old creaking from the front and rear screens as if they're ready to pop...
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    More carbon goodies...

    Guys and gals! Here's a pic of my underbonnet as I bought the motor - First off, I've got one of the carbon cooling panels coming from the group buy, that'll sort out the gap at the top of the bumper. Now, the ali 'lid' to the Apexi cold air box isn't quite up to the job, there's loads of...
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    Adding a sub

    I've got a reasonable sound system in the motor at present with all the componant speakers having been replaced and now running off a pleasantly powerful Alpine 4 channel amp. However, there's no sub so I've not quite got the full range of frequencies that deserve to be heard. Now, I'm not by...
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    Open Event: Japfest UK '09

    Just wondered if there were any plans for an S15OC stand at Japfest Castle Coombe this year on the 16th May? If not, I'll tap up the SXOC for a place, but would be nice if we could muster a small club stand at least, some of the Euro members may come over for it :nod: :thumbs: :cool:
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    Cold idle issues

    Not sure if this is electrical or mechanical, so putting it here. Had a search on idle and adjusting and didn't really find a difinitive answer to the issue I have. Basicly, when cold the idle is way too high, something close to 2000rpm. Then, when I reverse off the drive and dip the clutch to...