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  1. Joeh

    Japfest 2019 - Donington Park - 13/07/2019

    We're very late on this one as we've only got today to book in but we've got Club access for Japfest 2019 (Donington Park) on 13/07/2019 I'm hoping that if we can have 5 members or more book then I can organise a club stand for the S15 Owners Club If you would like to book, please do so today...
  2. Joeh

    Idea: Gauging Interest: Japfest 2019 - Donington Park

    Hello all! Unfortunately we've missed out on Japfest in Silverstone this year but we've still got Japfest in Donington Park on 13th July 2019 ahead of us, we've got a very short window of time to get this planned. From my understanding we've never held a clubstand at Donington and neither have...
  3. Joeh

    It's that time of year again! Japfest 2018

    Are you ready for Japfest 2018? The winter days are slowly fading, the roads are drying up (except for the random snow :ohwell:) the sun's out and its nearly time to get the car out of the garage again if you haven't already done so! So why not take the opportunity to meet some new people and...
  4. Joeh

    JAPFEST 2017 - 30th April 2017 - Join us!

    S15 OWNERS CLUB - Register your interest for JAPFEST 2017! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture once again at the home of Silverstone Circuit on 30th April 2017! We are currently in progress from getting a club stand organised, interest has already started so we thought we...
  5. Joeh

    Anyone picking up the new iPhone 7 today?

    Initially was tempted to reserve one last week, nearly gone through the whole process and last minute I decided against it. Thought about it quite a lot but I've already gone an iPhone 6 plus, the benefits of upgrading are minimal (just the camera really and splash proof) and the price is...
  6. Joeh

    New Integrated Homepage

    New Homepage Trial! Just an early introduction to our potentially new integrated homepage, it's still in testing mode and a lot to be changed and tested but please give us your feedback! The link to the homepage is in the top left hand corner of the screen, or it can be seen by visiting S15...
  7. Joeh

    New features and changes to the forums!

    Hello everyone! As some of you are probably aware, we have been making significant changes to our forums in order to enhance the user experience, hopefully you will like them. If anyone would like to leave their feedback or suggestions, please reply to this thread! All kinds of feedback (good...
  8. Joeh

    IMPORTANT: This forum has now been integrated into normal "For Sale" posts.

    We have now removed the "WANTED" forum and instead integrated "WTB" (Wanted to Buy) ads within the relevant sections. If you want to post a "Wanted" Post, please visit the relevant classified ads section and create a new post. For example: If you wish to look for a car, please visit the "Cars...
  9. Joeh

    Advise on a JZX100

    Hi all I've been offered a PX on my car, a Factory Manual Toyota MKII JZX100. Although I want a JZX110, this might be a more realistic option for me. I wanted to see if anyone else ever owned one if they could give me some advise please. Firstly I wanted to know what the realistic value for a...
  10. Joeh

    Decided to keep it d:

    Hey everyone As you can see I done in a 'spur of the moment' thought I advertised my S15 for sale... anyway it ended on eBay for stupidly low money, I did have some tempting offers from overseas and a few nice PX offers but I've got a new job recently (last week) so rather than...
  11. Joeh

    I can't sleep :(

    This is happening daily now.. Waking up at 3:30 and just lying in bed unable to sleep... Anyone else awake?
  12. Joeh

    FS: Genuine Bride Seat Rails - 2x Drivers sides (No passengers sorry) - Side & Base mount

    Genuine Bride Seat Rails - 2x Drivers sides (No passengers sorry) - Side & Base mount Hi all Got 2x Genuine Bride Drivers Seat Rails. One is side mount and the other is base mount. Their models are Base Mount #: N045SL Side Mount #: N045VL The side mount one has a few extra holes drilled to...
  13. Joeh

    WTB: S15 coilpack/s

    My S15 has a faulty coilpack or two so I'm looking for a good set or single/few coilpack Please let me know what you've got Im London/Watford based, can call me on 07854541279 Joeh
  14. Joeh

    WTB: Wanted: Coilover (fronts/complete set)

    Hi all Looking for front coilovers for my car but I don't mind a complete set. Must be in good condition, not leaking and no play in the piston etc I'm in North West London/Watford and I'd prefer to collect. Thanks
  15. Joeh

    FS: Wanted: Standard Turbo (non bb is ok too) OR Top mount setup w/ turbo

    As described in title, can afford to pay for a good setup if it is worth it.. I'm in London, willing to travel (not too far) to collect Thanks
  16. Joeh

    FS: 4x Brand New /Wrapped -Toyo Proxies T1R - 195/55 15"

    Hi All Putting this up for a friend who sold his car a while back and had some spare tires stored in his Attic on the chance that he might need to change his at some point. They are Toyo Proxies T1R and sized 195/55 which are 15". They are still wrapped in the cling film type stuff since they...
  17. Joeh

    WTB: Centre Console/Interior ECU Panel + Drivers Side/Mirror Trims

    Hi Everyone I'm after the following parts Any Centre Console Parts in good condition ECU Kick Panel and Drivers side kick panel The trim behind the electric mirrors on the door Located in London - can collect or postage is fine too Thanks Joeh
  18. Joeh

    S15 Passengers Mirror - Motor

    Hi all Sorry for bombarding with my issues :( My passengers electric mirror is not functioning - does it run under a fuse or anything? I've tried the mirror from the drivers side on the passengers side and that doesn't work either - I've tried the passengers mirror on the drivers side and it...
  19. Joeh

    S15 Tacho/RPM not working - Strange wire

    Hi all Thank you for taking a moment to read my issue with my car :) My car is currently not registering anything on the RPM gauge/tacho. I have not had a chance to check with an alt-meter if the signal is correct from the ECU as I'm not sure which wiring to check. The car is running a chipped...
  20. Joeh

    WTB: Front Wheel Bearing/Hub + Drivers & Passengers Rubber Door Seal

    Hi all, Need items as above - can be collected personally or can arrange collection with a courier. I'm based in London. Thanks Joeh