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  1. Fasthands

    FS: As promised the sad day is here!! Fasthands parts emporium opens it's doors..

    Please if you want a part TEXT me stating your real name and forum username, then that part/s you wish to buy/make an offer on, and your offer... If it's in text talk I will ignore you... If you want any more photos include your email in the TEXT MESSAGE, that way I can tally email addresses...
  2. Fasthands

    You are all going to love this!!!

    Due to the need to start my own business I am selling my S15 in bits.. Some of you will know some of the parts fitted to my car and none of it is cheap ebay stuff.. I will be compiling a list asap and getting it on here first before anywhere else.. I have to decide if I'm going to sell the...
  3. Fasthands

    FS: S15 Rocker Cover & Carbon bonnet

    Ignore the amp; in the title I used my Iphone to write the thread and don't know why its there! As per title it will need cleaning up and painting but otherwise in good fettle will have a red billet oil filler cap too. The coilpack cover isn't included as I took it off to clean the cover and...
  4. Fasthands

    FS: Blitz BOV

    For sale the Blitz BOV I had fitted to my S15 it is fitted to a alloy pipe so it works with Apex type 2 IC. It was on my car for about three months and was new when fitted, it also has the gauze filter attachment included (brand new) £85 posted to UK mainland only..
  5. Fasthands

    Windscreen from Apex

    Has anyone had a windscreen from Apex Performance? Are they kite marked CE approved? Mine cracked when removing it due to preparing the shell for full respray :-( so new one it is. The chap fitting the screen asked me to make sure they are kite marked etc. chap from Apex said they are legal to...
  6. Fasthands

    FS: 17"x 9" ET25 BBS LM's

    17"x 9" ET20 BBS LM's Hi folks I am selling the BBS LM's that are on my S15 and going back to the Gram Lights. They are in very good condition I will get individual pictures up tomorrow. They will have 245/40/17 Dunlop Direzza D101 tyres fitted with loads of tread. 17" X 9" ET20...
  7. Fasthands

    Forum problems..

    WTF is going on the home area is just showing activity something or other I cant get to see the forum sections page as usual.. or have I pressed something? lol
  8. Fasthands

    FS: HKS Hi-Power 409 system, alloy rad, coilpacks,

    For sale as title inc de-cat pipe. £350 No dents just a scrape on back box, courtesy of my steep driveway... Buyer to arrange their own courier,but give me a few days to get wrapped up as I will need to get someone to help as I'm still recovering from my leg operation. Or come pick it up from...
  9. Fasthands

    WTB: Standard rear light clusters inc looms..

    As title says, How much inc postage to Paignton Devon, UK...Must be excellent condition..
  10. Fasthands

    Standard rear light, whats a fair price to pay for a set?

    As title says really.. I'm going to fit standard rear lights when I'v done my rebuild what's the going rate?
  11. Fasthands

    FS: My trailer for sale.. for all you camping types..
  12. Fasthands

    FS: S15 HKS hi-power exhaust

    This is my HKS Hi-power that will be for sale very soon..
  13. Fasthands

    WTB: Dash with the factory satnav fitted RHD

    A while ago there was a dash for sale with the factory sat nav above the three centre vents. I want one if poss can anyone point me in the direction of one for sale?
  14. Fasthands

    What does a GTR have to do to win an S15???
  15. Fasthands

    Nismo R-tune Spec R,

    Yea sticking with the colour, I was thinking of going black but changed my mind after seeing a black one and a pewter one side by side at Japfest. I think the pewter looks more modern and shows the body lines better. Adam L, yea it looked clean before but I was seeing little rust spots getting...
  16. Fasthands

    Nismo R-tune Spec R,

    Well folks this is my S15 now fully stripped ready for full respray and a complete nut and bolt refurb and rebuild. And a pic of all the Nismo suspension arms subframe steering rack and diff bushes, a Blitz Radiator and Whiteline ARB's, that will be fitted when the time comes. I will keep you...
  17. Fasthands

    WTB: Heat shield

    I want a heat shield that protects the fuel tank must be in good condition.. anyone got one?
  18. Fasthands

    No i don't bloody drift!!!!

    I am hoping mine looks this good soon I had all this lot delivered from RHDjapan yesterday.. All Nismo arms, Blitz Radiator, Nismo subframe and diff bushes, Nismo thermostat and oil filter. then Whiteline ARB's from Camskill, Ebay fan shroud. I have just about finished my ARC intercooler install...
  19. Fasthands

    No i don't bloody drift!!!!

    Christ what is it with people I am just starting to stripdown my S15 ready for the epic clean up repaint and fit all my new parts. And even my neighbours who don't ever seem to leave the street ask me if I 'do that drifting lark' FFS NO! I half expect it from the folk at meets and stuff but my...