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  1. Aurora61

    fuel rail return line question

    When I was installing a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, i had to cut the return line hose shorter for fitment reasons. Upon doing so, I noticed that the hose has restrictors inserted inside the hose. I assume these are placed inside the hose for fuel pressure related reasons. Just in case...
  2. Aurora61

    Loose coilover upper mount?

    I have a set of d-max super street coilovers, and the upper mount for the front drivers side seems excessively loose. When I removed the coilover assembly from the car, i noticed that i can pivot the top mount with barely no resistance, while the passenger side required a bit of force. When i...
  3. Aurora61

    Boost leak + compressor surge

    Today, i was driving at pretty fast speeds and suddenly i hear the bov open during throttle. Afterwards i cant seem to hit boost. Ive had intercooler pipes loosen before, so i immediately checked the piping but seems to be on tight. Additionally, i am getting compressor surge even without...
  4. Aurora61

    motor/engine mounts recommendation

    im looking to replace the motor mounts, but seeing how my s15 is a daily driver, i prefer not to have excessive rattling at idle. That being said, i dont need the mounts to be completely rattle-free (aka i dont want oem mounts). Im aware that nismo mounts probably meet this description, but...
  5. Aurora61

    issues with ABS activation

    Ever since ive owned my current s15, ive been having issues with ABS. Almost every single time i brake, ABS activates (wet or dry/brakes warmed up or cold). Ive been trying to diagnose this problem, but cant figure it out at all. One distinctive characteristic is that the pedal seems very...
  6. Aurora61

    difficulty starting car after engine warms up

    After approx 30min of driving, my s15 has a really hard time starting. My car cranks when i turn the key, but the engine doesnt always start. Sometimes, the car will start while depressing the accelerator pedal, but most times will require a few tries. I suspect its temperature related...
  7. Aurora61

    weird engine oil drain plug

    I was attempting to change the oil in my s15 today, but reached a dilemma when trying to remove the oil drain plug. I dont know whether the drain plug is OEM or not, but theres a plastic cap over the actual bolt. The cap to be spun, but spinning it doesnt seem to loosen it at all. A typical...
  8. Aurora61

    Aurora61's S15 in Japan (with new Tomei M7960 Turbo)

    When I first found this forum, I had a different s15 spec R. Long story short, my friend crashed it driving on one of the mountain passes here in japan. I bought a new one soon after, so im finally posting pics of it after months of modifying. My old S15: New S15: Exterior -Origin...
  9. Aurora61

    hks fcon vpro dip switches

    i recently bought a hks fcon vpro with data already installed, but i need alittle help with the 8 dip switches on the box itself since they were all in the off position. From what i researched, I understand that the first 4 dip switches corresponds to fuel and ignition map selection, and dip...
  10. Aurora61

    will 235/50/18 tires fit?

    I bought a set of wheels that came with tires (18x8.5 +35 with 235/50/18 front and rear). I knew from my previous set of 18's that ill have trouble fitting a 50 profile tire on the fronts, so i bought 2 tires in 225/40/18's. However, seeing how the rear fenders are deeper (plus, my fenders are...
  11. Aurora61

    quick question about o2 sensors (s13 vs s15)

    I just bought a dump/outlet pipe, and it came with a s13 o2 sensor(and screw adapter) screwed in. Rather than going through the hassle of removing it and swapping it for my s15 one, can i just use that o2 sensor on my s15?
  12. Aurora61

    fender wiring harness relocation

    for those of you that are really lowered, where did you relocate the wiring harness running along the drivers side fender? I know its common practice to relocate the wiring across the strut tower, but i think it looks ugly that way. Ive heard that you can rotate the engine bay fusebox to make...
  13. Aurora61

    question regarding brake lines with s14 coilovers

    I know that the s14/s15 coilover compatibility question is frequently asked, but i specifically want to know how u guys keep ur brake lines in place. Ive searched, and reached the conclusion that you can either ziptie the brake lines, bend the hardlines, buy a new set of braided brake lines, or...
  14. Aurora61

    help! car is running very poorly

    I recently put in a new exhaust (80mm / 3in piping). It sounded great when i first put it in, but after a few days, the car started sounding like it was running on 3 cylinders. At idle, the car shakes, and while driving, i feel a loss of power and the sound is noticeably different (sounds like a...
  15. Aurora61

    Hi from japan

    Hey guys. My name is Ken, and i moved to japan about 6 months ago from New Jersey (america). But more importantly, i bought a s15 spec-R aero about a month ago. Back in america, i used to own a 240sx (180sx for those of you not from the US), so im pretty familiar with the S-chassis. I bought...