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  1. fez06

    FS: Nissan Silvia S14 1994 import navan

    NissanSilvia S14 1994 import navan Clocks showing101886 but were changed due to them sticking at 125120 a mixture of km andmiles, the new clocks had 96133 on. I have the old mot certs to show this. Has beenin the country since 2005. Had 111000km when it was shipped. £5300ono Mot till april 2017...
  2. fez06

    FS: Garage clearout

    FOR SALE Open to offers on everything need the room and money. S15 full exhaust S15 side mount intercooler S15 stock rubber brake hoses S15 stock suspension S15 stock recirc valve and pipe work S15 stock radiator Inc JDM dragonfly's S15 intake duct S15 airbox with uprated filter like new S15...
  3. fez06

    WTB: S15 drivers headlight and bonnet

    As above pm me what you've got cheers
  4. fez06

    WTB: s15 windscreen

    As above I know there like rocking horse **** but if anyone knows of one let me know cheers
  5. fez06

    WTB: rear lights

    As above cheap as poss please
  6. fez06

    what speed can you expect from a 6 speed box with standard diff

    For arguments sake let say legally
  7. fez06

    geometry settings?

    Going to do a quick geometry set up tomorrow as it feels all over at high speeds and iv never done it what setting do people have? Iv not got adjustable arms yet so will just be adjusting it on the offset stock bolts
  8. fez06

    WTB: s15 spec r auto wiring looms

    I'm after the above engine and gearbox looms if anyone knows of any about or may know someone who could have one. Cheers
  9. fez06

    WTB: sr20det shiney oil cap

    It's for my missus car only after a cheap and cheerful one can't have her bay looking better than mine : )
  10. fez06

    s14 silvia interior light fuse keeps blowing

    i know its an s14 but someone may have a clue whats happening. iv just bought an s14 silvia and noticed the interior lights didnt work, also noticed lots of blown 10amp fuses around the car. iv checked the fuse and its blown tried another and that blew straight away. iv visually checked the...
  11. fez06

    yellow fog light bulbs

    Anyone ever bought any? If so what do you recommend? Iv seen some on eBay osram ones their like £21 though quite expensive for two bulbs, they do cheap ones at like £4 too is it werth just paying more and getting better ones or do you rekon I should try the cheap ones first
  12. fez06

    forge recirc valve

    Are they any good as an upgrade? Been offered one for £65 done about 4k miles
  13. fez06

    thottle body silicone pipe

    Anyone know where I can get a new one from? Iv just ordered a new fmic and want to change the pipe as it looks tatty compared to everything else
  14. fez06

    autobahn88 fmic kits

    Where's the best place to get one from? Seen some on eBay but iv seen comments on here saying they could be fake. Getting fed up at looking at all different makes now I just want one that will fit with out losing my fog lights or having to cut my aero bumper
  15. fez06

    WTB: x1 225/40r18 tyre

    As above not too fuse on the make so long as it has decent tread and no dodgey repairs, eggs in side walls etc
  16. fez06

    epracing carbon cooling panel

    Has anyone got one of these iv bought on but the holes seem to be too small and don't just quite line up correctly don't know weather to drill the holes bigger or ring up and complain. I'm not one for complaints but it'd not a cheap part really
  17. fez06

    Battery needs changing but struggling to find one

    iv still not got a battery for my car its dead now needs boosting everytime and wont hold charge. But I cant find an exact raplcement, not in the UK anyway, I know a lot of people run FMIC's so use micra batteries are these batterys smaller as mine wont fit sideways? and how do you route the...
  18. fez06

    car battery recomendations

    Think my batteries fecked its flat everytime I get to it even after a good charge or run, so I'm going to try a new battery. As anyone got any recommendations on batteries, needs to be another small one like the original. Cheers John
  19. fez06

    anyone on here live in japan?

    As above I'm wondering if anyone could get me my original numberplates made up for me to go with my car and for shows etc as iv found what it was now Cheers john
  20. fez06

    need part numbers

    can anyone get me the part number for the rear brake discs and pads, oil filter and fuel filter please parts lad at work cant seem to get prices on anything because nothing is coming up