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  1. phillll

    FS: Nissan S15 Spec R in Pearl White

    Thought i'd pop my car up on here too. Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R in the desirable Pearl White. 75,000k (will go up slightly as I use it daily) 6k in the UK. Imported into the UK in September 2014 by Torque GT, fully converted to MPH and miles on the clock and fully undersealed. It's had the...
  2. phillll

    FS: Pewter Spec R - Fresh Import

    Putting this up for a friend. It's a very clean car for the mileage and age. The inside is bloody mint too! 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec R 136,489 miles (9,099 average) 1 Owner in Japan Japanese service history Will come with 12 months UK MOT Spec SR20DET engine (Ball bearing turbo) 6 speed...
  3. phillll

    WTB: Flush white boot

    Thinking about going for a flush white boot, maybe have both here to swap and change when I want/can be assed. Thanks. :thumbs:
  4. phillll

    EPRacing - Rear Lights. Any good? Anyone got a set of these fitted? What's the fitment like, and how are they holding up? Cheers.
  5. phillll

    My Pearl White s15

    Not created a thread yet as I was waiting for more bits to happen, so here's the story so far. Grade 4B in lovely pearl white. Imported by Torque GT in October 14. I'm the first owner and traded in my EP3 type r against it. Absolutely love it so far. It's my first RWD car and my first turbo car...
  6. phillll

    WTB: Exhaust System

    Anyone have a system they're looking to sell? PM me guys/girls. :D
  7. phillll

    Removing front wings for loom tuck...

    Any pain in the ass bolts or hidden bolts in order to take these off? Going to get it done in the week and wondering how hard it is... Hoping for a simple and quick job tbh! thanks all :)
  8. phillll

    Juddering when pulling away...

    Hi guys, the 15 has developed a bit of a problem. When in traffic and pulling away in 1st the car shakes and judders pretty violently. Nothing happens when moving etc, just when in 1st and releasing the clutch. Anyone know what'll be wrong with it? Clutch fooked? cheers all :)
  9. phillll

    Parts Shop MAX/Powered by MAX

    Anyone ever bought any of their stuff? Interested in their coilovers and a couple other bits. They look awesome! Gear Knobs look epic too.
  10. phillll

    Coilovers & arms

    Hi guys, just a quick one. Looking at getting some HSDs in the next month or so. Which alignment arms do you NEED/are essential when lowering? It won't be going too low, but I'm guessing rear camber is a must when dropping? Cheers
  11. phillll

    Where to buy DC2 lip?

    Am I being daft or are these really hard to find? I've found a couple of US sites that sell them but are there any over here? Cheers folks!
  12. phillll

    Blue Spec R - Wirral

    Who was it then? At Spital Crossroads by the pub. Never seen one around the area before! Looked nice and we exchanged a wave. ;)
  13. phillll

    WTB: Bits wanted - Exhaust System & Coilovers

    As per the title. On the hunt for some bits and thought i'd try here first. Cheers :)
  14. phillll


    Hi guys! Been browsing the forum for a while now, but picked up my S15 on Monday from Torque GT. You may have seen in on the website. Someone pulled out of buying it so it was offered to me. After bidding on cars for months I decided this was the best option to go with. It was a Grade 4, it...