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    986 Calipers swap

    Hi all, I’ve got a set of 986 Boxster S Brembo calipers and was wondering if anyone has ever put them on their S15? I have seen some Renault Megane brembo swaps so didn’t know if boxster would be similar. Any help/ advice or point towards the right adaptors would be great! Cheers :)
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    Retrofit EP3 Type R seats

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted seats from a pre-facelift Civic EP3 Type R into their S15? If so what is involved as I know the EP3 seats sit quite high compared to the standard S15 seats. I have a pair of Civic seats lying around that I quite like and thought they would be a nice little...
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    Hi guys, I’ve recently imported an S15 into the UK and thought it would be a good idea to join! Had the car a couple of months and loving it as to be expected!