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    WTB: Looking for a clean, low mileage S15 spec R

    Hello everyone, I've been looking to purchase an S15 as soon as my insurance comes down a bit and it looks like the time has come. Currently have a BMW m140i to hold off until the insurance on an S15 came down but now with my renewal coming up at the end of next month, they want £3-4k for...
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    Yet another insurance thread

    Hey everyone, another insurance related question here. I'm 19 and currently have a bmw m140i, renewal coming up at the end of august where I should hopefully have my 2 years no claims. I have had this car for a few months and while it's great fun, I've wanted an S15 for years with the only...
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    Clean PS13 at Torque GT

    Hello all, not an S15 but wondering why this hasn't been scooped up? Seems like an alright price for a stunning example. I love the S15 over the 13 and 14 but still, that has to be appreciated no? If I could afford the insurance and had a garage, I'd probably go for it. Nissan Silvia PS13...
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    The dream that is Japan

    As we’re all obviously fans of Japanese cars, I’m wondering who here has been to the lovely land itself? Personally, I haven’t but as I’m thinking of importing an S15 through torque gt this time next year, I’m thinking on *maybe* taking a wee trip for a couple weeks to have a look at some cars...
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    Insurance on an import?

    Hello everyone, I’m interested in importing a Silvia s15 through torque gt this time next year and I’m wondering how everyone sorted out their insurance? Did you just wait until the car came and bit the bullet on whatever the price was, did you look at other s15’s for quotes? I ask because I’ll...
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    Introducing myself (and waffling on)

    Hello everyone! I’m Farhan, new to any forums but very much a long time fan of S bodies haha. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what car to get next and a nice Japanese import is stupidly appealing. I’ll confess, I’m one of those people who start looking at their next car from...