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  1. Barnesy

    WTB: Left side door + OEM side skirt

    Looking for pewter grey preferably but any will do as my mate put a dent in both while "looking after it". Not sure if it matters but I have a spec-s. Willing to buy a pair of skirts for the car if they'll fit. Cheers
  2. Barnesy

    WTB: RB26DETT & RB25/GTT gearbox

    Hi guys, I know this is an S-Chassis forum but I was wondering if people could keep their ears to the ground. I'm looking to do an RB swap to the car but need to source an engine & gearbox. If anyone has any mate looking to get rid or know of anyone/any companies that are advertising them...
  3. Barnesy

    Barnesy's Spec-S (for a good reason)

    So the story goes that my mate has recently bought a looking chassis with the veil side fortune kit for the Supra and we've started moving everything. He then convinced me I needed a japanese RWD beauty so I started looking and fell in love with the S15's lines (the only thing I'd change is I...
  4. Barnesy

    Euro-spec headlights

    Hi guys, I'm hoping some of our European members could help me out! I have imported my S15 from Japan but currently living in Germany for the next 3 years or so. Does anyone know where I can get some LHD headlights? Cheers guys.
  5. Barnesy

    Hi all

    Hi guys and gals :wave: I'm Barnesy and I've registered with the forum to get to know you people and start to learn about S15's. I've just won one at auction in Japan via an import company and I'm currently waiting for it to be sent to port and leave Japan on the 20th, so fingers crossed it'll...