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  1. Burnsy

    Another brake question!

    Another question for you lads. What brakes are these??? Whoever says Brembo gets a slap! Just wondering what they are from? Want to know because I need new discs and pads. What would be the 'matching rear calipers' Cheers
  2. Burnsy


    hi guys looking to change my coolant on the next service, what coolant do you guys use? whats the best? is there any difference in what you should use for a jap spec car? cheeers
  3. Burnsy

    WTB: Aero Rear Bumper

    looking for a rear aero bumper. anyone got one?:thumbs:
  4. Burnsy

    Silicone Hoses

    Hey. Looking to change the 15's engine bay look. Anyone know what's the best and cheapest way to buy replacement hoses? ive seen you can buy what you need singularly but this does start to add up. Anyone know of a kit to suit my needs? Are the ebay alternatives as good as samco? here is my...
  5. Burnsy

    HID Ballast

    hi guys drivers lamp went a couple weeks ago, bought some new lamps but still not fixed the problem. im guessing the ballast is knackered, can someone point me in the right direction of a new one??? they are factory HIDs anyone ever repaired one? thanks
  6. Burnsy

    HID Lamps

    hi guys one of my HID's has blown, hope its the lamp anyway! just wondering peoples experience of different makes. for example 1 x osram/phillips is ~ £60. on the same website you can get a pair of 6000k for ~ £50 has anyone bought the cheaper ones and regretted it? i appreciate with brands...
  7. Burnsy

    Some Pics.....

    .......of mine, my s15, a few of my old classic, and some shots i took from Thruxton a few weeks ago.
  8. Burnsy


    ..right need some advice please new to the world of nissan, i would like to know what rough figures the sr20det with stock internals can take safely. currently @ 325bhp 350lb ft understand that is the gearbox limit torque wise my gearbox is whining and i want it sorted, i know most go on for...
  9. Burnsy

    how do i get hold of.......

    .......the black plastic push/pry bolt things that are dotted about the bodywork?????? anyone know what im on about?
  10. Burnsy

    Gearbox whine

    hiya. i have used the search button but im still a bit confused as to what is exactly wrong and what i need to do to remedy it! had a slight whine from the box, when pedal is up. now got a bit louder and can just hear it when driving. low gears. so clutch release or input shaft bearing...
  11. Burnsy


    looking at a few little bits on top of an oil catch can, love some info if you guys got some what kinda oils you guys run? i know there are plenty around, with many different opinions but just a general idea of whats what. engine, gearbox and diff oils please. currently on 5w 40 engine i have...
  12. Burnsy

    Show your......

    ......oil catch cans! your postions, plumbing and what not ;) best place to buy em?
  13. Burnsy


    hi guys. :D my names Chris or burnsy and im from Cornwall. it took a while but i finally have an S15! WIN. will post some pics up shortly! Cheers