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  1. TriniGT

    S14/S15 Wiper Problems

    Okay I did an S15 conversion on my S14 and I have swapped all electrical to S15 wiring and I have also swapped the S15 Wiper motor. Problem now is that when I refit the wiper arms and blades and I switch the wiper on they for an instant rotate downward onto the cowl panel and then go up, not all...
  2. TriniGT

    Grounding Kit for a Car with Battery Relocated to the Trunk

    Does it make sense to have a grounding kit installed on a car that has the battery relocated to the trunk area?
  3. TriniGT

    Skyline Front Hub Offset Comparison

    Is the offset/width on a GTS/GTT skyline front hub the same as that of a Silvia and are they interchangable? I am trying to look at an option that allows my GTR wheel to clear the coilovers and at the same time not stick out so much due to a spacer. I am running HSD CS2 Coilovers with Silvia...
  4. TriniGT

    R32 GTR Booster and MBC Upgrade Problem

    I am running a stock S15 SR20DET engine on my car but I have recently embarked on a Brake upgrade. The fronts are from an R34 GTR (brembos) and the rear are currently from an R32 (Twin pot setup). I have them all up and running and same time I swapped the booster and MBC for an R32 GTR unit as I...
  5. TriniGT

    Passenger Window Problem

    I have done a conversion on my S14 and swapped the entire wiring from an S15 into it but I have one problem that I cannot solve. When I put the lead for the battery on and put the key in the ignition and switched it to the ON position the passenger window immediately went down without pressing...
  6. TriniGT

    S15 Fuel Tank Wiring

    So in an effort to do a full S15 conversion I have got my hands on an S15 fuel tank. I got it with the float sensor unit in it but missing the fuel pump setup which I got off a spec S car. The problem I am having is that there are two connectors in the fuel tank, one is for the the underneath...
  7. TriniGT

    Replacing Stock Fuel hardlines with Braided Ones

    Has anyone removed the stock hard lines for fueling with braided replacements? I wanna know how hard of a job it is and also how do you deal with the original S15 connectors that clip into the top cover of the tank, wondering if I should just replace the hardline part and leave the rubber hose...
  8. TriniGT

    Help S15 Diff Ratios

    Okay my original plan was an RB26 swap into an S15, plans have changed and I am going with an S15 lump instad but the problem is that I have already changed the entire backend to an R33 setup, the diff is from an R33 series II and it was automatic, the ratio is a 4.364, problem is how will this...
  9. TriniGT

    Carbon Canister Hard Lines

    Hey all I am in a predicament, I did a conversion on my car a while back and converted it from a kouki model S14 to a full running S15 both interior and exterior. I have recently got on with the engine and purchased a Spec R fornt half from Japan. Problem is that I am swapping everything over...
  10. TriniGT

    Brown Four Pin Connector????

    I am finishing clipping in all my connectors back together and there is one connector that has me stumped. It is a four wired brown connector located at the lower right (Driver Side) kick panel. It is not a relay connector it is located below that and has all four wires in-line and is a female...
  11. TriniGT

    R32 RB26DETT Resistor Pack Location

    Whereabouts is the Resistor Pack located in the R32 harness. I am seeing what looks to be one but it is running back directly to the Fuse box, no where close to the injectors. Does anyone have a pic of it connected to the right harness. I am thinking it may be missing from my harness. Jason.
  12. TriniGT

    So what are my options - Antenna

    So I am re-running my wiring for the entire car a realized that my antenna wiring in the roof of the car is hacked to f@#k and the antenna amp is missing. What are my options for an aftermarket setup? Also I see that there are three connections on the passenger side rear windscreen. I know...
  13. TriniGT

    Manually Sending Door Window Up

    Has anyone successfully powered their door windows manually. That is like taking a battery and connecting it via two wires to the connector and sending the window up or down? Reason I ask is that I am doing some work on my car and I would really like to send both windows up as I don't want...
  14. TriniGT

    Need Someone with Nissan FAST

    Need someone with Nissan FAST to verify these part numbers with pictures please, 80820-85F10 RH 80821-85F10 LH 76872-85F00 RH 76873-85F00 LH 82328-92F00 RH 82329-92F00 LH Basicaly, I am looking for some trim parts for my S15. Looking for the outer door trim that sits on the top of the metal...
  15. TriniGT

    Looking for Pics TE37s on Black S15

    Does anyone have pics of TE37s on a black S15? Looking to see what it can look like. My car is nearing final stages bodywise and need to decide on wheels. I currently have Rota GTR wheels with 18X9.5 +12mm but I am thinking it will be a tight fit .................. very tight so I am looking...
  16. TriniGT

    Need some Fuse Box Wiring Help

    Hey need some help. I am fitting the Spec R Main Wiring into my S14.5 and some of the wires have been cut and I will need to get connectors and have them wired back in but seeing as I am swapping in an RB26DETT I wanna see if it makes sense doing them if I don't need them. What I need is pics...
  17. TriniGT

    Differences between Spec R Turbo and Spec S Fuse Boxes???

    Does anyone know of any differences between the Spec R Manual and Spec S auto Fuse box and wiring? I have both setups but the Spec R setup has seen better days so wondering if to just use the Spec S auto setup. Can anyone confirm before I manually go an check?
  18. TriniGT

    WTB: S15 ABS Computer

    Looking for an S15 ABS computer. It is located next to the ECU down in the left passenger side behind the kick panel. Let me know who has one they are not using and price shipped to me in Trinidad, postal code is TT. Jason.
  19. TriniGT

    Need Some Help Finding these

    I am looking for these items for my two S15 doors, 78859+A 78860+A 76860-85F10 76861-85F10 Can anyone help me get these new or used with mounting screws? Need them shipped to Trinidad as well. Jason.
  20. TriniGT

    WTB: S15 Leftside Door Interior items

    First of all I live in Trinidad in the West Indies so I will need to get things shipped to me. Things I am looking for, Leftside door switch Door Handle Cover i.e. covers screws Door Opening Mechanism Plastic Trim Top Molding that runs to the top under the mirror on the outside of the door and...