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  1. sniffy

    Dash cluster bulbs

    Where are people getting replacement bulbs ? anyone got any links or even a link to replacement led bulbs for it ?
  2. sniffy

    OEM Steering Wheel spacer

    Hi All, Just though I'd share this might help someone else out. I have to have the driver seat all the way back in my S15 to fit and this lead to having out streatched arms which wasnt great for a driver feel. So I was searching for a spacer for the OEM wheel and I came across this on...
  3. sniffy

    Nissan Steering wheel splines

    Hi, Does anyone know are the splines on all nissan steering wheels the same ? Ie could I fit a nissan Juke wheel into a S15. Thanks
  4. sniffy

    Washer pump plugs

    Anyone ever had to replace the plugs that connect to the washer pumps ? I have got a replace ment washer bottle and pumps but the plugs for them so bad on the car they cant be used and the pumps i got off another S15 did come with plugs. Just looking to see what others did ?
  5. sniffy

    Replacement Vin plate

    Hi, Has anyone ever got a repalcement vin plate that goes on the firewall up by the brake booster ? Mine was removed for an engine respray and got lost by the painter.
  6. sniffy

    WTB: S15 Bumper support bars

    Hi I was looking for the following 2 items in the image below if anyone has them for sale.
  7. sniffy


    Hey, Has anybody ordered from them lately ? I ordered something on the 17th of March and paid through PayPal and i got and email Monday saying my order was canceled cause they hadn't received payment and i have sent 2 emails with no replay from them.
  8. sniffy

    4.1/4.3 diif what do i need

    Hey all, Need some help i installed a z32 box in my s15 and now i wanna swap the stock diff for a 4.1 or 4.3. My question is whats the best car to get the diff from to make it as straight forward as possible and what other parts do i need to fit it ? i know the speed is taken from the abs so im...
  9. sniffy

    Z32/RB gearbox coversion question

    just wondering what diff people are runnning with it ? any runnig the standard diff with the conversion how does it feel i.e does the car feel slower.
  10. sniffy

    WTB: WANTED: drivers mirror, drivers door handle and fuel flap!

    Hi All, Im looking for a drivers mirror electric one, drivers door handle and the fuel filler flap the square metal part in white if possible but any colour considered. any help with finding these parts would be great. Thanks for reading. Simon
  11. sniffy

    WTB: S15 OEM rear bumper

    As the title says looking for an oem rear bumper in white (wko) in ireland if possible and it must be in goog condition. thanks
  12. sniffy

    Nismo Coppermix clutch

    Hi All, i have fitted a nismo coppermix single plate clutch and im getting so serious vibrations at low revs between 2-3k rpm. my question is is this normal for this clutch or do i have a problem ?
  13. sniffy

    FS: z32 braided brake lines brand new!

    as the title says. 70 euro plus postage.
  14. sniffy

    braided brake lines.

    will z32 rear braided brake lines fit the standard rear s15 calipers ?
  15. sniffy

    seat broken help asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    has anyone seen this before one of the brackets that bolts the seat to the car floor snapped. can this be welded ?
  16. sniffy

    strange noise

    i noticed a strange noise comming from the engine when i give it full throttle and the revs are between 2 to 3500 rpm it kind of a sqeakie type of noise seems to go away after 3500 rpm it hard to really describe it it always happen when your a low revs and then give if full throttle.
  17. sniffy

    boost problem

    i was at a rolling road day yesterday and may car was only boosting at .5 it wont boost any more and at about 5500rpm the boost seems to drop to .4 and stay there to redline where it then spikes to about .8. has this happendend to anyone else ? i checked for boost leeks cant find any it still...
  18. sniffy

    climate control blubs

    anyone know where i could get the bulbs that go into the climate control mine have gone and i cant seem to find the went to my local nissan dealer and they dont have em.
  19. sniffy

    dials not lighting up

    has anyone had the problem where you dials(speed revs) wont light up mind just went last nite for not reason drove the car parked up for an hour came back to the car and they wouldnt light up . im thinking fuse as the heater controls wont light up either as welll as the back licence plate light.
  20. sniffy

    coilovers problem

    i was wondering if any one had any advice on how to unseize the coilover nuts the allow you to raise and lower the height as mine as seized and i need to raise it so sort out the camber.