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    Bodywork Repair

    Hi guys. My S15 needs a decent amount of bodywork (sills replaced, spot rust removed, fenders repaired). I was wondering if anyone knows and recommends a bodywork shop that is high quality and experienced in working on the s chassis?
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    Engine Bay Restoration

    Hi guys. My newly bought S15 has signifcant amounts of rust and corrosion in the engine bay. Do any of you know / recommend someone who could restore it? And potentially strip and reseal the undercarriage as well?
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    Hi all, My name is Mikey. I've recently got my hands on an S15 Spec R, after years of looking. She's not in the best shape and needs a lot of work and love, but I'm looking forward to talking with you all and getting your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Can't wait to get stuck in.