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  1. S15_BEY

    S15_BEY's pearl white, redtop SR20DET S15 (on air) build thread/photo dump.

    So after two years of ownership I'm finally getting around to starting a build thread! I'll start back in May 2015.. After a few years of my S13 constantly breaking down, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was fighting a losing battle against rust.. I decided it was time to break...
  2. S15_BEY

    Fresh account for a fresh build thread.

    It would appear I have to post in here in order to start a build thread/photo dump.. So here goes.. Owned my S15 since May '15, bought it as an NA Spec S manual, basically standard apart from a set of coilovers and some wedsports - Now running a redtop SR20DET, and a few other changes.. Build...