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    FS: Tomei Type A Valve Springs & Cylinder Head

    I have for sale a set of brand new unused tomei type a valve springs still in the box. £150 delivered Also got a bare cylinder head, no valves as they were bent but the rest of the head is fine. Not sure how much this is worth so ill try £75 delivered? If you want pictures pm me and I can get...
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    WTB: Cylinder head or valves & rockers

    Just wondering if anybody has a spare cylinder head or valves & rockers for sale as I managed to kill mine on christmas eve :(
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    FS: Pair of rota grid drifts 18x10

    Pair of rota grid drift wheels 8x10 5x114.3 et35 The rims are in good condition with the odd scuff mark, stone chips and slight scratches which are shown in the pictures. The inside lip on both rims caught my coilovers after I lowered it, they only just caught but have took the paint off the...
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    FS: Tomei Procam Camshafts In 270° Ex 270° Lash type

    Got for sale my tomei cams. They are the lash type tomei procams 270° inlet and exhaust cams. My plans have changed thats why these are for sale. Brand new in the box, never been used, Duration (degree): 270° Max Cam Lift(mm): 12.50 Max Valve lift(mm): 8.0 Lobe Center Angle (initial): Intake...
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    Not running right after putting engine back in

    Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with the running of my car after taking the engine out over the winter. I took the engine out for the bay to be painted and to tidy everything up as it was out, however since refitting the engine it hasn't ran like it used to. When I first went to start it...