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    WTB: S15 starter motor needed ASAP

    i need a starter motor asap. as close to bath as possible or someone willing to next day it.
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    Aero rear spats info

    I'm trying to find out the dimensions for the aero spats (Height, width, length) however i can't find anything for the life of me. does anyone have the info at hand or is anyone in a position to measure them? i'd be looking for extremities to extremities (think of it like a box). This has the...
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    Monkey magic s15 front bumper (damaged)

    Look at this on eBay
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    Powerhouse amuse hi tech Rom s15

    I've just had a nistune installed so this is for sale.
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    WTB: S15 front bumper and aero rear spats.

    I'm after an OEM front bumper. Either aero or non aero. I'm also after the aero rear spats. Help a brother out :)