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    WTB: S15 window rubber seals new

    Thanks legend will check them out
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    WTB: S15 window rubber seals new

    Hi all. Can anyone point me in the direction of getting new window rubber? Driver passenger side and both rear quarters. Anyone purchase some recently? Thank you
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    Any freight forwarders for getting car parts from Japan??

    I offer this service too via and But aero parts are expensive to ship. I had to organise a pallet to bring in two aero kits to Australia and a few chunky items. Smaller items no longer than 1.05m can go via sea freight. It takes long 55-70 days but worth the...
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    s15 market value

    I've bought and sold a couple S15 Spec Rs this year from Japan. Prices are definitely increasing and it seems to me the UK prices haven't quite caught up yet to what's going in Japan and Australia. We are seeing clean Spec R Aero sell at auctions for $33-35k AUD or mode I sold a Spec R with...
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    FS: S15 Rocker Cover + S15 Airbox For Sale

    I'm in Australia.. Can the rocker cover be sent via post? Not in a rush, rather keep postage costs low,
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    FS: nissan sr20/sr16 vvl head

    Can you get SR20 P12 20V heads?
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    Yup I jumped on them right away because of the offsets - 17*9 +22 & 17*9.5 +28 Not a big fan of 18s any more, I want thicker tires without having to roll the guards. Our roads aren't great and this thing will be modified for track days 👍
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    And the TE37SLs
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    I regretted selling it for well over 10 years and I definitely won't be selling this one! Pics below of both old and new Silvia's. I have lots of goodies coming from Japan, ganador mirrors, OEM GT Wings, OEM Boot lip wing, quirky interior stuff like Nismo cigarette lighters (have 1 spare)...
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    Hi all, Long time Silvia fan, imported my first 180sx in 2005 and turned it into an ichigo face not long after. Proceeded with a BN Blister wide body kit and then I sold it and it was the biggest mistake! Now I've recently bought a S15 and awaiting for it to arrive from Japan. It's a 99 Spec R...