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  1. Ghost

    Extra wire

    After swapping out the engine in a friends s14 we had a wire left with this box at one end. Anyone know where it goes?
  2. Ghost

    Bride seats

    I have been trying to get my hands on a fixed back bride seat for a while and I've found two that I'm interested in, 1 is a carbon Kevlar Zeta II and the other is a frp VIOS III Lowmax. Both are the same colour and same price, anyone have any experience with either of these? Sizing, comfort etc
  3. Ghost

    Air in cooling system

    as the title says i am getting air it the coolant, i can hear it bubbling when i turn off the engine. when having a look tonight we noticed it only started about 10 seconds after turning off the engine. the turbo lines have been replaced a few months ago because one of the water lines burst and...
  4. Ghost

    VTC solenoid

    is it ok/safe to drive with it disconnected??
  5. Ghost

    Wide arches

    Anyone recommend a place to buy wide arches?
  6. Ghost

    FMIC + boost drop

    Just got a fmic and now the boost has dropped to .4 bar. I was expecting a drop but it seems a lot to me. Do I have a boost leak or is that drop normal??
  7. Ghost

    Ghosts S15

    my 99 spec r: Got these last week :) Before After
  8. Ghost

    boost gauge problem

    Need help as i have no idea what is wrong... was out in the car today and noticed the gauge was reading 0 boost all the time... anyone any idea what could be wrong i can't search the forum because my PC won't let me
  9. Ghost

    Hi from Ireland

    Hows it going? My name is Steve and i just bought my black 99 S15 spec r before christmas :D some of you might recognize the car since it was already on the forum... anyway thats it for now.. Cheers Steve