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    FS: S15 Spec R great spec - needs finishing

    Well its a sad time but the car has to go due to being made redundant. ive had the car for nearly 3 years now and its been absoloutely faultless. ive done many drift days in it and never had a problem and it drifts very well. ive recently decided to widebody it and make it look a bit different...
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    WTB: vented front wings

    hey im after some vented front wings and size/ condition/colour/style considered pm me with what you got
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    wider d-max wings

    hey guys im after the wide d-max style front wings for my car. after having some on order from knight racer since jan and now being told they might not turn up has left me in a very tricky position. Does anyone know where to get these wings or does anyone want to sell me theirs lol. really...
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    WTB: s15 drivers seat

    hey guys im in need of the standard grey drivers seat to put my car up for sale. got cash waiting please help me Phil
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    WTB: front abs sensor needed

    well as the title says really im after a front abs sensor if anyone has one laying about i would rather like it cheers
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    pic request!!! s15's with dishy vienna dish

    well as above really, i wanna see what it looks like before im cheeky and ask a local largo owner if he wants to sell his cheers
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    FS: 1999 s15 Spec R

    Sad time for me as i have to say good bye to the best car i have owned by far. im selling due to financial reasons. This is a 1999 model with 89000 miles (72000 in kms) 61,783 miles in total It is running at a guess around 300 BHP Pulls very well through all gears. Has been washed at least...
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    where to get a short shift?

    hey guys im looking to get a short shift for the silvia, only problem is cant find one that caters for 6 speed. i know C's used to make them but they are pretty rare to get. any other ideas?
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    WTB: need a 6 speed box for my mates drift car

    a mate of mine is after a 6 speed box to put on his r32 drift car. so im after an s15 gearbox in decent condition. this will be going in his car to compete in next years jdm allstars hopefully. please pm me or e-mail
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    headlight adjustment

    hey guys i have fitted some hids and have really noticed my beams are wey too low on one side so i want to even them up. only thing is i have no idea which bit/s to adjust to improve pitch of beam. pictures would be great
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    WTB: boot/trunk trim and carpets ect

    hey guys wen i bought my car it didnt come with anything in the boot at all just wondering if anyone has the boot interior trim panels and carpet i could buy? phil
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    WTB: wanted sr20

    hi, my mate has a siezed engine in his s14 and just wondered if anyone has a decent condition sr20 top end for him. it needs the cams, spray bar for oil, rockers, followers ect. PM me cheers
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    FS: 1999 S15 spec R drift ready lots of extras

    1999 S15 spec R drift ready price drop!! PRICE DROP TO £10,250 I HAVE SEEN A CAR I REALLY WANT NOW SO I NEED THIS GONE ASAP! MAKE ME AN OFFER 1999 S15 Silvia spec R drift ready lots of extras Unfortunately due to financial reasons i have to get rid of my beloved S15. bought from SVA imports...
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    FS: Not s15 but still for sale

    hi guys and girls i need to get rid of this to make space and i need the money. its a great little car and in great condition. pm me if you have any questions.
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    about time i showed my car

    hi guys i have been on here a while now and only just got round to taking a few quick snaps. hope you like it. it will be up for sale soon though due to changes in circumstances which is a shame because i had a lot planned for it...
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    WTB: front fenders

    im in need of some front fenders as mine have seen better days and im being a bit picky. vented would be good and if slightly damaged its not a problem. cheers Phil
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    windscreen wiper size?

    hi guys, im desperately in need of new wipers and while im at it i was gonna go for the aero jobbies. just wondering what size the front wipers are on a jdm s15. any help would be great Phil
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    what fits the s15 from the nissan parts bin?

    hi guys, i have been wondering what other parts fit the s15 from other models? pretty new to the s15 scene so not sure what people have used before. parts i have been wondering about are: Brakes? engine parts? drivetrain parts? handling parts?
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    two issues 1. high revs 2. exhaust flexi size

    hi guys really hope you can help me on this one. 2 issues have arisen over the weekend and would like to know whats going on. first issue is i was driving down the road giving it some beans (private road) and i found the car revving up to 8600 revs before i thought that it should have hit the...
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    how to remove gear knob?

    ok guys i have picked up my s15 this weekend and it needs a bit of sorting out cosmetically. i was just wondering if the gear knob twist off or you have to cut it off? i have given it a slight twist but dont want to break anything, any help would be great. thanks.