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    WTB: Flasher unit

    As in title after the flasher unit that is located underneath the steering column cheers guys sam
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    Turbo to manifold gasket recommendations?

    As title. Can anyone recommend a good quality t28 turbo to manifold gasket or is it just best to stay with oem gaskets? Cheers Sam
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    S15 draining its battery

    Taking the key out the ignition the battery and oil lights stay on as well as the fuel gauge New battery the other day. Checked that the alternater is charging the battery and it is at 14volts so its strong. Yet its still draining the battery when i come to start it in the morning. Having to...
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    WTB: S15 headlights

    Need as soon as and have money waiting. Need to be in good condition but not mint
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    WTB: Japspeed back box

    Need a japspeed back box. Let me know what youve got Thanks
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    S15 fuel tanks?

    Ive got a small hole in mine after my driveshaft went nuts and ripped into it. Are s14 fuel tanks the same as the 15s as i cant find a replacement anywhere
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    WTB: Climate control unit

    As in title. In desperate need of one. Cash waiting
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    FS: Blue low mileage S15 £6995

    Right im posting this on behalf of a mate so this has all been copied from his thread on driftworks. If you have any questions just email vince on his email at the bottom. Hi all Hi all I have for sale a Nissan 200sx S15 I brought this with the intention of using it as a daily driver, with...
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    indicator fuse blowing

    as in the title. i put a 20amp fuse in it just to see whether one of the blubs had blown but none of them have but the right hand side indicators are dimmer than the left hand side. any ideas?
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    FS: S15 LHS rear quater window and rear wiper motor

    LHS rear quater window £80 posted Rear wiper motor. Full working order £14 posted
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    Loom/heater problems

    my loom had been moved up above the arch but on the last dwyb day ive manged to start rubbing into it. so i took the wing off and cleaned the wires up and any that where broken ive cut and joined with new wire then taped up. ive also cut into the arch to give the loom more clearance now but on...
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    Heater problems on the first day of ice

    Basically its the first day of really cold whether and my heater isnt working. Think it happened the night after my last drift day. blower was on all day as it was hot and on all the way home aswel but the morning after its not working. Checked the fuses in the drivers footwell and all of them...
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    15 drive shafts same as the 14a ones

    Snapped mine yesterday just on the way home from work just after i went over a train crossing so i need to replace it but ive found a 14a one but dont know whether its the same as the orginal s15 one any ideas???
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    Roofbars for my S15?

    Can anyone help me, im looking for some roofbars for my 15 so i can chuck the dj bike on the roof instead of on the back seats and would also help with transporting tyres and wheels on drift days. Has anyone got any that they would recomend?
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    Movement in gearbox?

    I am a noob so probally something really obvious but i can never find what im after with the search button. It only started recently but under harsh acceleration sometimes the whole gear stick moves to the right and stays there and makes it hard to get into 5th when in this position. Randomly it...
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    Tow hooks

    Sure its been covered on here before but the search is not giving me any help sorry. All im after is a recommended tow hook to fit at the front Maybe something like this Also if anyone has any pics of...
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    S14 pads the same as S15's????

    Im probally being an idiot but the search isnt working for me. Need new front pads on my s15 that i picked up a week ago. Are they the same as the s14 pads? These are what i found, call opie oils up and they havent a clue, ive done as much searching as i can get away with at work so i now need...
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    Mintys wide spec r

    My Daily Dmax S15 So i finally did it and got one. Long train journey up to wales yesterday but well worth it as the drive back was awesome. Have alot of plans for it such as touching up the bodywork including new front bumper and refurb the wheels. Luckly any of the damage it has is only on...
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    Hi newbie from east sussex

    Hi everyone, been on here a while and just floating around done some research and reading up. Never thought id manage to get an s15 this quick but im picking this up on wednesday I imagine...
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    WTB: s15 sub 60000 miles

    pretty much in the title, just looking for a white s15 with less than 60000miles and not heavily modded due to insurance being a drag. mods welcome such as wheels, lowered, aero kit tbh colour doesnt really matter but a white one is preferred many thanks minty