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    FS: Brembo g35 skyline brakes, 6 speed 350z gearbox

    As title. I have a complete brembo g35 skyline brake setup in Gold for sale included is front brembo calipers, discs with pads. (Pads and disc's have wear). Have a lot of life left in them. Rear brembo calipers, with disc's,pads (again wear) internal drum handbrake setup, handbrake...
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    FS: S15 Parts

    Keeping hold for now due to building another s chassis project.
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    FS: aero side skirts, rear bumper

    Hi lads, I'm selling my spare pair of oem aero side skirts in pearl white ( could do with respray if you wanted show quality. (Couple of scuffs ). Looking for £ 200 Also my spare rear bumper in pearl white needs respray (scuffs) no cracks. Looking for £60 Collection preferred Andover...
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    WTB: 2-way diff

    Looking for a 2-way diff either 4.11 or 4.3 ratio.. I don't mind if it's 5 or 6 bolt shafts.. it needs to be abs casing. Cash waiting cheers kev
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    FS: Holset Hx30w turbo! super quick spool tubby

    As title! I'm selling my Holset hx30w 9cm exhaust housing twin scroll, vband fitment anti surge / ported compressor housing turbo. (It needs a rebuild) due to quite a bit of play in the shaft! There's no smoke even on boost and no damage to fins. But in my opinion it will need a rebuild. This...
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    FS: sr20det vct (vvt) sprocket for sale

    For sale... Sr20det vct (vvt) sprocket available... Was taken off my s15 due to a rattle! ( but later found out that the oil pick up was blocked causing the rattling) it never rattled before hand and was only run for 20 seconds rattling as the car was having new turbo, afm, injectors fitted...
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    FS: Garage clear out! Japspeed, aero, apex, standard ect

    I thought it was about time I cleared out my garage of some spares I have lying around. Japspeed 3 " s14 / 15 turbo elbow £ 45 Japspeed 3 " s14a turbo elbow £ 35 slight damage Apex t28 braided turbo lines £ 50 Pearl white s15 aero spoiler £ 80 I will do a deal with my boot for a pearl white...
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    My ongoing money pit s15 :D

    Hi guys, I thought I should put up a build thread of my s15 that I've owned for 2 and a half years now which started life as a non turbo spec s. After a long time saving and multiple viewings of s15's which were either very tatty for the money or already had rust coming through I thought id...
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    WTB: wanted urgently... Sr20det fuel rail spacers

    Hi guys, i've just went to fit my 740cc injectors and 2 of the fuel rail spacers are missing. So am looking for a new set and can not find them anywhere :( if anyone can help me, id be seriously grateful thanks kev
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    I thought it was about time I introduced myself.

    Hi guys/girls I've been a member on here for quite a while now and I thought I should introduce myself. My names kev, im 26 I live in Andover Hampshire, i've owned my pearl white s15 for roughly 2 and a half years now. It was a pretty much standard spec s non turbo when I bought it! But...
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    WTB: z32 afm and sr20 rocker stoppers

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for a good working z32 afm with pigtail and a filter if possible.. also looking for some sr20 rocker stoppers cheers kev
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    WTB: s15/14 handbrake plastic cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a s15 handbrake plastic cover as mine has tore in two... Cheers kev
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    R33 brake setup changed offset???

    Hi all, I've just fitted r33 gtst brakes to my 15, now the problem I have is my rear wheels are now rubbing on the arches due to a offset change??? The wheels I have are ultralight 18x9.5 et35 no spacers a 245/45/18 tyre.Any one else had this problem when fitting r33 brakes???also I'm wanting...