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    s14 and s15 Fan shroud the same?

    Hey guys, im in the market for an oem fan shroud for my s15 Silvia, unfortunately I cant find a new or used one anywhere. I am however, seeing a few for the s14 available. Are they the same? Or is it a lost cause and I should just cop a Mishimoto or some other aftermarket shroud??
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    Any freight forwarders for getting car parts from Japan??

    I ended up using Great top class service will definitely use him again
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    Any freight forwarders for getting car parts from Japan??

    Hey guys, Im looking to order some parts for my silvia s15, some from croooober and some from To save on shipping i was wondering if there are any freight forwarders in japan that i can have the parts shipped to and then forwarded to me. I live in the caribbean, Grenada to be...
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    WTB: S15 JDM SpecR Aero Kit (Full)

    Hey guys i'm looking for a dealership or someone with a FULL (Front bumper, Side Skits, Rear Pods) JDM specR Aero Kit for sale. Seller must be willing to ship internationally. Thanks in advance Mr.C4
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    New S15 Owner Living in the 268!

    Sup guys and girls, I am the proud new owner of this almost MINT condition, Fully STOCK 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R. Freshly imported to Antigua from Japan, I won her in the Japanese Auction. Looking forward to being part of the community. Mr.C4