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    WTB: T28R

    So my turbo decided it would like to break last night, Nasty grinding sound, also wheel stopped when i looked at it with the intake off :annoyed: Anyone have one asap please?
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    Post FMIC Fitting!

    Hi guys, I have searched for this but theres so many responses im confused. I fitted the FMIC i have last night, I just have one question about a pipe that comes off the stock boost solenoid and it used to connect to the factory intercooler, theres no where for it to go on the new hot pipe...
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    Whistle on Boost?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could point in the right direction... Mods: Full exhaust system, manifold/elbow/downpipe/decat/catback Basically as im coming onto boost you can hear what i can only describe as a dentists drill? As i get into 3rd, 4th and 5th it either stops or engine...
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    WTB: 'Silvia' Boot badge!

    Hey guys, Would anyone happened to have one of these about or able to point me in the direction of getting one? Thanks Craig :thumbs:
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    Kyb agx?

    Hi guys, Recently bought my 15 and the woman told me it was standard suspension, when i looked over ive found it to be KYB AGX? These any good? its not sitting low enough for my liking anyone have any opinions with these shocks with eibach springs or something? Cheers! :nod:
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    New Owner from South Wales!

    Hi guys, My names Craig from Swansea and i have just bought my first S15 from a lovely lady called Tina in Coventry. Its something ive wanted for a very long time and now in a position to do so. Its a bloody wonderful car and i thoroughly enjoyed driving it home! Modifications wises the lady...