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    Chargespeed bumper

    Finally arrived :) Looking forward to getting it fitted!
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    What's this hardline?

    So went to start fitting the new manifold today and while tinkering i noticed a blue vacline hanging down from the gearbox. Odd I thought what's that? Got under the car and found the end hanging down used to be attached to this hardline running along the inside of the nearside chassis rail...
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    Rocker cover breathers

    Forgive me in advance - I don't know tooooo much about the SR20 yet (I'm learning!).... The rear breather (hiding in the top right corner of this photo) Is shot to hell at the bottom. At the same time the foam breather thingy in this photo is also perished. Would you just replace the...
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    Malware warning?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but when I installed Opera this evening to have a mess about I got the following warning when trying to load the forums.
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    ECU power issues

    I'm having fun and games with intermittent lack of power to my Apexi Power FC. It's something to do with the main loom that goes through the firewall on the passenger side but I've not managed to figure out exactly where. However I have noticed that if I wiggle that circled black wire with the...
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    WTB: Driver's side wind deflector

    For some reason my car only has a passenger wind deflector on it. Does anyone have a driver's one they'd let go of? :) Only seem to be able to buy them as a pair on RHD etc.
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    Speedo dropping to 0

    So over the last few days my speedo has started cutting out and dropping to 0. It does this pretty randomly. Seems to be worse when I'm going slow and the road is more bumpy, so I'm guessing I've got a loose connection or something. I imagine I must have a kph->mph convertor spliced in...
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    Where is the engine ground?

    I'm suffering from possible grounding issues to the ECU and from the S15 service manual it grounds to the engine ground F37. Where actually is that though as the diagram isn't that clear and I can't see anything obvious on the engine!!
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    Cusco Zero-1. Too hard for daily or just badly set up?

    The S15 I bought recently had Cusco Zero-1 coilovers and it's really crashy. Very stiff and any little bump feels terrible. Could it be badly set up, or are these know to be very harsh, in which case what do people recommend for a daily driven S15? I'm suffering from top mount manifold...
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    Soul's Mazworx Topmount S15

    Been wrestling with changing my car for quite some time now, and finally settled on getting an S15. Long trip up to Telford and came back with something I thought was a little bit special. A lot of mods, including a Mazworx topmounted GTX3076R. Engine only has 900 miles on it after the...