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    FS: 6 speed shifter surround and shifter boot

    included are, the silver outer trim, the creamy yellow bit that holds the boot in and the leather effect boot. the boot has a bit of wear and has slightly holed in 2 wont really notice when fitted. the silver trim has a few scratches from storage and the fact its like 13 years
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    WTB: s15 radio brackets

    has anyone got some? or has someone got some they could draw around on paper so i can just copy them into metal.
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    WTB: leather gear lever surround for 5 speed

    i want the leather shifter boot for a 5 speed transmission. ive got a 6 speed one spare.
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    5 speed conversion trim troubles

    ive put a 5 speed gearbox on my spec R, when i put all the trim back in ive found that the gear lever is catching on the plastic surround trim (the smaller silver plastic part which has the 6 speed pattern on it) when im shifting into the lower gears and reverse. i know others have put the 5...
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    F4 connector pin out

    has anyone got a pin out of the F4 connector under the dash?
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    WTB: s15 centre dash vent

    one of the flaps on my dash vent is broken so i would like a whole new vent, i assume that they are all the same. cheers gaz.
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    engine bay grey

    hi guys, does anyone know the paint code for the grey in the engine bay? my car is fully stripped down so cant take it over to the paint supply place to get a coulour match. unless another part of the car is the same colour. i will do a propper introduction when im not snowed under and have...