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  1. mint

    WTB: Gearstick Surround + Dash

    Afternoon all. Looking for the following please. s15 Spec R (6 speed) gear shifter surround (Plastic bit and bit for gaitor) and Dash. and Ta!
  2. mint

    FS: Veilside s15 Wing

    As per title - Was on my s15, Sat in my loft since then. Wouldnt mind shifting this as its taking up room. Open to offer, One just sold for £130 on SXOC a few months ago, but any offer is cool with me.
  3. mint

    FS: OEM Spec R seat + pass rail

    Open to offers, ace condition. EDIT - DRIVER RAIL NOT PASS RAIL!!!
  4. mint

    FS: OEM Spec R front bumper - pewter

    As per title, condition is alright. Crack on bottom lip nothing major. Also slight damage half way up. I know how much these go for but looking for offers. Can post.
  5. mint

    Someone buy these!

    I know im not an owner no more, but meh.. I LOVE these! im in Japan just now, i'll see if i can shed some info hmm
  6. mint

    Remember Me?

    haha hey guys - Sorry not been posting up here in a while, been trying to 'dial' out on the s15 as much as I can since she's now sold. I still have the car at the moment, awaiting on the DVLA to sort the plates out before I can let her officially go. Here's a few things thats been going on...
  7. mint

    The Tweenie Rob Charity

    Some of you may and or may not have heard of Tweenie Rob. For those that havent he was a legendary tuner known as one of the best.. Lex over at Driftworks, has kindly set up an Ebay shop.. i'll let his words do the speaking.. Ebay Shop ...
  8. mint

    Mint VS Ian

    Who wins the battle.. you be the Judge............ Thanks to Thacko from for these snaps - Simply Epical Photo's!
  9. mint

    JP : Car of the Month!

    Got told by a friend and had to go check it out! Pretty chuffed to be honest! :) Dunno if the dudes from JP Read this, but big big thanks lads! Might help for the sale of the car!
  10. mint

    Dash no linger lights up .. help anyone?

    Ok.. tonight on route home from work the dials flikered on and off twice, I thought It happened but figured id gone mad. The issue's I had with the lights previous I sorted.. turned out to be the wires in the arch. I taped up each one and then together and now they all work 100% a treat...
  11. mint

    Caliper Refurb

    Thinking on going ahead with doing the fronts shortly. Were can I order new seals from?
  12. mint

    Full Beam wont turn off?

    Ok just parked up at a mates house, got a lift to a gig by his Mrs and got a text when she got home to say Iv left my lights on.. No biggy.. the s15 has a battery of steal! It'll last for a few hours before I get back.. so turned up, to find my tail lights werent on.. odd? So got the car open...
  13. mint

    SXOC Calander.. w00t! IM IN IT!

    haha awsum :thumbs:
  14. mint

    WTB: URAS Aero

    :( Need a new front and rear bumper
  15. mint

    Do a Skid! - Crail HD

    Made this video of Crail Raceway when we had our Tramp drift / SXOC day. Footage is from a £70 Cam (you can tell :p lol) and was knocked up in Movie Maker so as you could expect.. quality is poor. Alas.. My computer was too **** to deal with even this! So .. I couldnt see on my screen what went...
  16. mint

    FS: Kei Chan

    Yup.. Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Pewter Grey (Fastest Colour) Year 1999 Imported in Nov 2007 by Torque GT (All paperwork in hand) 1st UK Owner Millage : I'll need to check. Countless £££ spent (as most of you know!) Exterior -URAS Monkey Magic Full Aero -D-Max Rear Boot wing...
  17. mint

    s15oc Shoot @ JAE

    Here's my snaps from the s15oc JAE Shoot Enjoi! A total of 70 pics on the mintofruit ah yeh!
  18. mint

    Mint's JAE Photo's

    Part 1 of possibly 4 now on the fruit. Still got a few hundred to get through. Off to bed though.
  19. mint

    Open Event: Mints Invasion on Ireland.........

    Thats right - Im coming over, Im thinking the 19th of next month to the 23rd. Just for a few days money permitting? I need to do this before I sell up. Anyone going to be free and want to meet up etc??
  20. mint

    How To : Fixing broken wiper arm linkage

    Well.. As per the thread the other week. As far as im aware this is the same for all S-Bodies, and probably all cars to be honest. Its fairly straight forward, so i'll skim through it. Pop the 2x Plastic caps.. Unbolt the arms, then spray some WD40 in there and pull the wiper arms off. Scutter...