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  1. irvs


    how easy is it to get hold of parts for servicing the s15 eg. oil filter brake pads/discs etc. are these parts direct swap from the s14???
  2. irvs

    importing questions

    just wondering what the differance is between ESVA and SVA. also whats the deal with auction grades for the exterior and interior? what do they mean, whats good and whats bad?
  3. irvs

    the time has come.

    times up its almost the July deadline, been on this site too long without an s15. so currently fixing up the bora to be sold in July. i think I've settled on an importer, torque-gt, nicely cant recommend them enough and they offer a huge amount included in the price.:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs...
  4. irvs

    sam from BB's bebo page

    hehe got i am good when im sober:rotfl: got my hands on the sexy sam (one of those twins from big brother) bebo page. have a look some nice pics;)
  5. irvs

    hello ((im back))

    ive been away for way too long, i no you al miss the random drunken msgs etc... well i had been temped with a mk5 gti golf as a trade in for my bora pluss ???. BUT i couldnt do it so im back on course for an S15.:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: oh yea im pure pissd at the min (just got better at the...
  6. irvs


    any one found any "hidden" car secrets, like holding a button for longer does something differant.etc.
  7. irvs

    glanza V

    oh dear had the lend of a glanza V(1.3 turbo) for the weekend. running 1.5bar at 180bhp, im gonna be lousy and say im soo temped to buy one. the main reason so fast for such a small bean tin, bloody hell i had it go off the clock in 3rd gear and hell did 5th feel scary.hehe. but the ting that...
  8. irvs


    woho im drunk and i can type thats a any one else venture out and join the drunkers club/
  9. irvs


    ive been bloody dumped:cry: ;) :cry: , dam women can be soo lousy, saying all i do is flirt with other women and never treat her well. yea right im out a bloody fortune spending on her flowers, hotels, resturants, nights out. awell im back out on the prowl doing a spot of 'birdwatching' tonite...
  10. irvs


    in my area theres a 'big' craze for evos and imprezas all of which running anti-lag, and dam it sounds great even if its bad for the engine:thumbs: . any one running it on their s15 id love to hear a sound clip or vid, hows well does the s15 take to anti-lag??
  11. irvs

    nons15 content

    i know it aint an s15 and im not getting one till the end of the year(really hateing the wait) but just thought id share my latest pick of the bora. its a 130tdi sport (now 195BHP) all thats done is coilovers, uprated ARBs, turbo back milltek 'race' exhaust, remap, 9/19s radius R6 alloys and...
  12. irvs

    soo drunk

    soo drunk right now and dam it feels great.hehe. hate working all day and night at th3e weekend.(reallyhate being a spark these days))) anyone else pissed up???. tonight cant get anny better craic tyhan 2night mate just tole me his woman is pregers ((only 18))):rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl...
  13. irvs

    too high.

    is it just me or does the s15 sit pretty high for being a 'sporty coupe'. the wheels seem to fill the arches nicely but the bumpers and skirts still seem kinda high.:(
  14. irvs

    manly points of intrest

    Manly Things 1, OPENING JARS - nnng, she's struggling. You take it from her hands, open it effortlessly and pretend she loosened it for you. She didn't. Jars are men's work. 2, CALLING SOMEONE 'SON' - Especially policeman but even saying it to kids makes you the man. 3, DOING A PROPER...
  15. irvs

    street racing

    street racing with a twist. i laughed all the was through was soooo funny:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  16. irvs

    drift s15

    just seen these pics on a n.ireland forum taken at a local a drift day. as usual the cars look well dogged out and sadly so does this s15. but the thing that intrested me was the location of the air filter. just wondering does any company make an intake like thoes used on skylines and evos that...
  17. irvs

    irish crop circles

    crop circles irish style:nod:
  18. irvs

    standard parts

    just wondering, seeing as the s15 is an import, how hard is it to get standard parts. say for instance you broke you front aero bumper or had your rear light smashed, is it as simple as calling into your local nissan garage and ordering the parts would there be much of a wait? being a vw owner...
  19. irvs

    now this is what i call drifting.
  20. irvs


    just wondering if the spec R comes fitted as standard with an LSD. i usually go to the "free to diff" events, basicly keeping everyone off the road and in a controlled space free to diff/drift. usually there'll be evo's M3's and lots of bmw325i's BUT NO S15's just thinking how gud it will be...