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  1. Saxon

    FS: 2002 Silvia S15 Spec R, 80k, Blue

    Up for sale is my 2002 S15 Spec R in TV3 Blue. It was imported in early 2016 and I’m the second UK owner. I’ve owned the car for just over 2 years now and it’s been awesome but I’ve found something else I want so this sadly has to go. It’s currently on 128,768km, or 80,480 miles. It was MOT’d at...
  2. Saxon

    FS: Turbosmart Boost Tee manual boost controller BRAND NEW

    Bought a few months back but never used, so in brand new condition. Box is a little squashed as it was posted in a mail bag. Really nicely made little thing. RRP is around £65-70 in the UK (plus postage) £60 posted within the UK.
  3. Saxon

    FS: Prosport 60mm Evo Peak Wideband AFR Kit BRAND NEW

    Bought this a few months back but I’m not going to use it, so it’s brand new in the box. Fits perfectly into the S15 air vents. Comes with everything you’d need to make it work including a Bosch sensor. RRP is £200 (plus postage usually), as seen here...
  4. Saxon

    FS: Moonface Racing Exhaust Chamber Pro downpipe/turbo elbow

    Moonface Racing turbo elbow/downpipe for S15s. I bought it used (more out of fascination than anything else I think...) and I haven’t used it on my car yet but it’s in great condition. Couple of light scratches underneath but nothing aside from that. The build quality is excellent - iirc these...
  5. Saxon

    FS: Passenger Side Escutcheon (inner door handle surround)

    Is this of use to anyone before I throw it in the bin? You can’t see the bit that’s broken off when the door is closed.
  6. Saxon

    Front Bumper Sag Fix?

    The front bumper on my car is sagging where it’s missing the front pair of bolts where it attaches to the front wings. I notice there’s a square hole the same as the rear pair of bolts for a plastic insert. Where can I get this plastic insert or is there a better solution to fix the issue...
  7. Saxon

    Resealing OEM Intercooler

    I’ve seen a few people reseal the OEM intercooler to try and aid longevity (and supposedly help it last under raised boost levels). I notice the end tanks are attached to the core with little tabs - I’m assuming bending the tabs back means the core separates from the end tanks? Then I’m guessing...
  8. Saxon

    Twin Tip Exhausts

    Does anyone know of any off-the-shelf twin tip exhausts which aren’t shotgun exhausts? Only ones I know of are the X-Force ones from Australia. Getting a bit bored of the massive single tip and enormous can on the HKS Silent Hi-Power. Probably easiest to get one custom made, but just want to...
  9. Saxon

    Identifying these Mysterious Connectors

    Anyone know what these connectors are? The wires come from the car into the red connector things - one output goes to my window brake light and the other goes to my spoiler brake light. I would have thought they’re a splitter of some sort but the window brake light doesn’t light up and the...
  10. Saxon

    WTB: Spec R Badges

    Hi all, Don’t suppose someone has the Spec R badges for the side of the car lying about that they might want to part with? Cheers!
  11. Saxon

    Creaky Clutch Pedal

    My clutch pedal has been creaky/squeaky for a while now. Happens when you both press and depress the clutch at a certain point, roughly halfway through the pedal travel. From some quick investigation I think it could be the slave cylinder as the sound seems to be coming from there. Anyone else...
  12. Saxon

    Front/Rear Brake Discs

    Just wanted to check before I did any ordering, but are S14 brake discs the same as S15 brake discs? I know most things are shared with the S14 but I can’t remember if the brakes are something that was changed with the generation change. Thanks!
  13. Saxon

    WTB: Greddy Side Mount Intercooler

    I know these are rare as hell and were discontinued a long time ago but I was just wondering if anyone happens to have one or know of someone who has one. Cheers!
  14. Saxon

    Running rich plus bad idle when warmed up

    Been an issue on my car for a while now and I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. When the engine is cold it runs fine (albeit sometimes an idle slightly higher than I think it should be), but once it’s up to temperature it really starts to stink and run rich. Quite often if I dip the...
  15. Saxon

    Missing Dash Lights

    After watching a video of another S15 on YouTube, I noticed I’m missing some lights on my dash. One of those is the indicator one, but the two on the left I think are a door open light and a seatbelt warning light? Neither of those ever light up. Before I start digging around I just wanted to...
  16. Saxon

    FS: S15 Rear Bumper TV3 Blue

    Hi all, I have a S15 rear bumper for sale in TV3 blue. It’s not in the best condition - there are a number of scratches and scuffs on it but the major damage is the bottom left corner which is crunched and right at the end on the drivers side is dented in (see photos). This could all be fixed...
  17. Saxon

    Boot Trim Clips

    I’m looking for one of these hook clip things that you find in the boot - there’s one on each side. Had to absolutely wreck one to get it off as for whatever reason the plastic ‘legs’ had gotten stuck in the metal hole. Can’t find a part number or anything, just this diagram. Any help...
  18. Saxon

    Spare Keys

    I bought a Nissan spare key blank a while back and went to get it cut today. Problem is, nearly every dimension is different to the original key which isn’t great considering it was advertised as being for a “Skyline, S15 Silvia”. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a spare key which will...
  19. Saxon

    EP Racing Cooling Panel

    EP Racing have finally got their carbon cooling panels back in stock. Has anyone got one of these on their car, and how well did it fit? Cheers!
  20. Saxon

    Missing Relay

    So, for security reasons I was going to remove a couple bits from the fuse box so that the car wouldn’t start should someone try to nick it since it will be sat on my drive for a long time. I was going to remove the starter motor relay but... ...there isn’t one. Fuse box diagram says it...