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    FS: K Sport 356mm front brake kit

    Complete front brake kit just removed from my S15. Callipers have been cleaned, bleed nipples checked, painted with calliper paint. Brackets have been blast and repainted, threads cleaned and all new bolts. Discs are just under 32mm, pads are Pagid RS29 with loads of life left. Brand new Hel...
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    Had the old girl properly cleaned

    I’m not one for cleaning cars, other than a quick wash, but it was time for a proper clean, polish and wax. One of the lads at work is a trained sprayer etc, he had already cleaned the headlights and coated them with laquer to stop them going **** again.... He then popped round to sort...
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    DAB aerial

    Hi Guys, anyone got experience of fitting a DAB aerial into an S15 with factory tints? Google suggests it will work okay, it's only aftermarket tints that cause a problem? I've got a new Alpine head unit and aerial on the way and seeing as my sunroof is now bolted into place and doesn't move...
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    WTB: Aero side skirt front part

    I'm looking for front part of the drivers side skirt that bolts to the wing, preferably in Pewter but not too fussed. Anybody anything laying around, may consider a complete set of skirts at the right price. Cheers :)
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    FS: S14/S15 front and rear Godspeed anti-roll bars

    As above, pair of anti-roll bars with drop links and bushes. Done about 3000 miles, not bad condition. There was some surface corrosion which I've cleaned and painted so they could go straight on if you're not fussed about the underneath of the car being as shiny as the top :) £120 posted
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    Head room measurement

    After a quick favour from someone with a non-sunroof S15 if anybody could help please? All I need to know is the height from the trans tunnel, between the centre console and the rear seat up to the roof liner. On my sun roof car it measures 785mm, but I need to know what a standard car is so I...
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    Wider front wings

    Any recommendations? Need around 30mm, looking around a lot don't come flush to the door, they step out. Not sure I like the idea, anyone got any pics of them fitted? Cheers :D
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    WTB: OEM style carbon bonnet

    I'm after plain OEM style carbon bonnet with no vents if anyones got one laying about :D
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    FS: VVT/NVCS sprocket

    Just been removed from my engine. I bought this brand new when I had cams fitted, estimated mileage no more than 20k. No rattles :) £150 posted
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    Finally got the car mapped

    I've not had a car with a bit of grunt since the S14 was stripped and scrapped. Over the last few months I've sold on my old Greddy TD06 kit and fitted a GTX3071 with a 0.63 Tial V band houasing, Greddy shortport, ID1000 injectors, Aeromotive Stealth fuel pump, Tomei Procam 270 with adjustable...
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    FS: SR20DET low miles

    As above, just been removed from my S15 with around 68,000kms which is just over 42,000 miles on the clock :) No knocks or noises, only change is the rocker cover will be changed to a blue one. Both are to suit S15 coils so if you want to fit this to an S14 you'll need to use your rocker...
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    FS: 6 speed gearbox

    As above, just been removed from my S15. It has around 68,000kms on the clock, running pretty much standard when I got, I only upped the boost to just under 1bar. Shifts really nice, no notchyness. Oil was still a nice dark gold colour when it came out. £500 It's up for the same with a...
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    FS: Top feed injector setup for standard plenum from Mazworx

    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules, I just wanted to pimp this as Adam L and myself want this, but need a few more names :D For anyone wanting a cheaper way of fuelling for higher bhp, Mazworx are making a kit to run ID1000 injectors on the standard 2 part plenum Details here...
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    FS: Crystal Rear Lights

    Just removed these, mint condition no marks at all. £150 delivered to anywhere in the UK :)
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    Headlight cleaning

    What are people using to clean there headlights? Never had much of an issue with the S14a as they were glass, but the S15 plastic lenses always look foggy. Any tips would be appreciated as it's annoying me :D
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    FS: Greddy TD06 turbo kit

    As above, I've used this kit for a while now but have decided to go for a change. Parts included... Reconned Greddy TD06L2-20g turbo Greddy topmount manifold Greddy wastegate Stainless steel screamer pipe Front pipe from turbo to cat joint Oil flow and return pipes Plugs for water outlets on...
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    FS: Aluminium cooling panel

    Covers the area between the headlights, complete with stainless steel bolts. £35 posted :)
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    FS: Enkei RP01 17" alloy wheels and tyres

    As above, I've fitted my TE37's to the S15 so these need to go :) All in reasonable condition with loads of tread on the tyres. Fronts are 17x8 et 38 with 215/45 Falken ZE329 tyres. Rears are 17x9 et 38 with 245/40 Maxxis MA-Z1 which are virtually new :) £350 collected from Norfolk ono Pics...
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    FS: Coilovers, suspension arms, Fuel pressure regulator

    Tein Superstreet Coilovers, low mileage no knocks, good topmounts - £400 Driftworks front lower arms, barely used, maybe 300 miles - £200 SARD fuel pressure regulator - £50 All plus postage, and open to offers as always :)
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    FS: Carbon centre trim

    Just taken this off the new car as well. £160 from EP Racing, but does include the gearstick gaiter trim as well which I don't have. £50 posted :)