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    My British S15 Replacement

    I forgot to do this when I actually got the replacement. I sold my S15 in March and replaced it with this! It's a 2010 shape Exige 240s modified to around 290bhp with Ohlins suspension. As much as I loved the S15 this is on another level!
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    Turbo coolant leak

    Hi, There had been a minor coolant leak from the car and after looking to find it we realised it was one of the solid coolant lines feeding the turbo (the ones that run under the manifold heat shield). I know it'll be a hassle to replace it with another stock pipe so I'm looking at braided ones...
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    Suspension identification

    Hi guys, I could do with knowing what suspension my car has got. I can't see any markings anywhere so I thought I'd get some photos and hope someone might recognise them? Front: Rear: Thanks!
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    ECU identification

    ECU identification *Updated with photo* Hi guys, I need to see if my car has got a standard or aftermarket ECU. Is there an easy way to tell by looking at it in the cage? E.g colour differences, codes, markings? I've undone the screw and taken the connector off but was none the wiser at that...
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    WTB: Expansion tank

    Hi guys, Has anyone got an expansion tank kicking around? Mine is cracked and the car did a little wee the other day...
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    Exhaust system, will manifold restrict?

    Hi guys, My car has got an Apexi exhaust straight through from the manifold, but the manifold is still standard. Will it be causing any restrictions? Ta! Tom
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    WTB: ABS sensor, fan cowling and WMIC pipe

    Standard WMIC pipe Hi guys, I need these bits ASAP, has anyone got any of them kicking around? 3) long part plastic WMIC pipe that goes from the intercooler over the fan cowling to the inlet manifold. Thanks Tom
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    WTB: S15 fan cowling + standard bottom arm

    S15 fan cowling, WMIC pipe to inlet mani and standard bottom arm Hi guys, I'm after a full fan cowling, LHS bottom arm and the pipe from the WMIC to the inlet manifold for my S15. Let me know if anyone has any lying around. Thanks Tom
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    WTB: S15 passenger wing

    Has anyone got a passenger wing for sale? Must be 100% straight with no rust. Colour is not an issue.
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    WTB: WANTED: S15 passenger wing and passenger HID headlight

    Hi guys, Still trying to get hold of a passenger wing and HID headlight. Ideally the wing would be pearl white. Cheers.
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    Are these genuine HIDs?

    Genuine HID ballast/swapping back to standard Morning all, Can someone let me know if these look genuine? The HID ballast on them looks completely different to the ones that came off mine. This is one of the ballast units taken off my HID Thanks, Tom
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    Apexi downpipe Jspec?

    Morning all! I'm looking at getting an Apexi decat and down pipe so I end up with a full Apexi system. Here's the down pipe on FR Sport. What does it mean by J spec? I haven't seen that term used for an S15 before...
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    FR Sport

    Has anyone ordered anything from They seem to have a load of S15 parts available and what seem to be reasonable prices. In particular bumper strengthening bars, headlights and some Apexi exhaust parts! I asked them about import duty and they said they would devalue the parcels...
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    WTB: Front end parts

    If anyone has any of the following let me know! 1x Passenger side wing (Pearl White) 1x Aero front bumper (Pearl White) 1x Passenger HID Headlight. 1x WMIC (Insurance won't let me go FMIC :( ) Thanks, Tom
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    What bumper is this?

    Morning ladies! Does anyone know what this bumper is? I want one! :nod:
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    Is a turbo time necessary?

    Is a turbo timer necessary? I guys. My car has got a turbo timer on it at the moment. The car is running about 245 at the wheels. Im getting a Clifford C650 put on it soon so the turbo timer will have to come out. I can get a turbo timer installed on the alarm itself though but im wondering...
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    Redline shockproof gearbox oil

    Has anyone used this stuff in their gearbox? My friend's Impreza gearbox was crunching the synchro going into 4th so he's put this Redline oil in (50/50 with another normal oil) and it has got rid of the noise completely. I'm thinking of putting it in my 6 speed to shut it up...
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    WTB: Wanted: Rays wheel nuts

    I'm trying to find somewhere that sells Rays wheel nuts, preferably a full set in red! Anyone know where I can look? I have found some odd places on google but I don't trust them to be genuine.
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    Why is my S15 boosting high?

    Hi guys, I have recently got an S15 and it's boosting above stock. I had it on a dyno yesterday and it showed about 1.1bar (17psi). There is no boost controller on the car so I'm trying to find out how the boost has been turned up. The guy at RDT said he didn't know the S15 engine perfectly...
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    Viper's White S15 Spec R

    Hi guys, After quite a long time dreaming and just over a month of waiting for it I now have my own S15. I got it through JM Imports and have no complaints at all! The first time I went to have a look at it there was a noise coming from the gearbox which Jurgen thought might be helped with a...