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    Detailing Jem - Before and After photos - Mercedes C-Class Coupe in Black

    Detailing Jem - Before and After photos - Mercedes E-Class Coupe in Black Today I've been to detail this three year old Mercedes E-Class Coupe. I'll let the pictures to the talking :D BEFORE After the car was washed and clayed you could see the swirls And the...
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    Detailing Jem - Scratchy scratchy Lexus RX300

    Today I've been down to West London to detail this Lexus RX300. My customer has only recently bought the car and as you can see from the pictures had had several arguments with bushes and judging by the door handles, several years of abuse from acrylic fingernails. From the paint thickness...
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    Detailing Jem - You have to see this! 1986 Porsche 930 turbo

    Yesterday I spent the day at a hall in Suffolk detailing this 1986 930 turbo. The car was being prepped to be used as a wedding car. This car is in incredible condition it really is very hard to fault!! Other than some fairly light swirls the paint was in great condition with just a couple of...
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    Detailing Jem - BMW M5 goodness! - Just a few pictures from Saturday

    Just a few pictures if Saturday's detail, I have to confess I LOVE these!!!!
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    Detailing Jem - Marmite MR2 Turbo, but lots of power!

    The owner of this MR-2 originally booked me over two years ago, but had to postpone a good few times as the car was having lots of engine work done which took a lot longer than he expected. It's now making 315bhp at the wheels :) So finally after two years of languishing in a workshop we set...
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    Stunning black Spec-R vs. Detailing Jem

    I've been down to West London today to detail is very nice S15. The car was last detailed two years ago by another detailer who advised the owner the paint was thin, and how right he was, in some places there was barely 50 microns of paint, so a full correction wouldn't be possible. The plan...
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    Detailing Jem - Porsche 996 turbo

    Yesterday I popped over to Leicestershire to detail this Porsche 996 turbo which was covered in swirls and wash marring, but looks stunning now! Before, looking pretty sorry for itself!
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    Detailing Jem - Only four dates left in April!!!

    I only have four dates left this month, so get booked in for a very shiny car now!!! Please see this thread for more info and the the Detailing Jem website Prices: Exterior: For a full exterior detail including paint correction I charge £299, but I reduce that by 10%...
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    Detailing Jem - Nismo 350Z

    Yesterday it was the turn of this 350Z to have a full detail with some wet sanding thrown in for good measure! The car was a pretty typical case of swirly and lightly scratched paint, and needing a clean too: One of the problems was the passenger door had been repainted and left...
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    Detailing Jem - 2012 Jaguar XK-R

    This Jaguar XKR is as you'd expect for a nearly new car in very good condition, with only a couple of tiny chips on the front and only one scratch, but lots and lots of swirls. But a day in my hands fixed that :) As you can see, lots of swirls: And after correction: I noticed this...
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    Detailing Jem - A year in pictures

    What can I say, 2012 was a great year for Detailing Jem:) Comments welcome :)
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    Integra Type-R, and another happy Detailing Jem customer.

    Yesterday I made Deacon from SXOC look like this: Mainly because this morning his very tidy Honda Integra Type-R looked like this, the paint was VERY flat, dull looking and had faded to a very off white: So the car was cleaned, clayed, treated to paint correction and lastly protected...
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    Detailing Jem - 2 x GT-4

    A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Essex to give these two GT-4's the 'Detailing Jem' treatment. Some of you may recognise the cars:nod: The black one was given a full exterior detail with paint correction and the blue one was a maintenance detail.
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    Bentley Continental GTC vs Detailing Jem

    I've been to do a Exterior detail with paint correction on this beautiful Bentley today:thumbs: Wheels had a decent coating of brake dust, but nothing too stubborn: The car was covered in swirls though: And quite a few deeper scratches, but nothing that couldn't be fully removed like...
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    Detailing Jem - Epic swirls to epic shine - Audi TT

    The pictures say everything needed about this detail I did today!! :eek: :thumbs:
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    Detailing Jem - Fantastic condition 1992 Astra

    I was recently asked to detail this 1992 Vauxhaul Astra. The car has had only one owner from new and has only covered 34,000 miles. the paintwork was covered in 20 years of swirls and scratches, but amazingly nothing that was too deep to be fully removed. So other than a few stone chips on...
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    Detailing Jem - Dates available in August

    With July already fully booked, I thought it would be best to get August's dates up:thumbs: That said, if you do what your car done, please do PM me as someone might drop out, or I might be able to squeeze another day in somewhere :thumbs: Please see this thread for more info and the the...
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    Detailing Jem - Dates available in July - Fully booked already!

    Well this is a first, I'm already fully booked a month in advance :D That said, if you do what your car done, please do PM me as someone might drop out, or I might be able to squeeze another day in somewhere :thumbs: Please see this thread for more info and the the Detailing Jem website...
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    Just a few shots from today's detail

    Paint was thin as expected, but this car is in cracking condition, no scratches and all the paint is original :thumbs: But after a long day in the sun:
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    Detailing Jem showing a bodyshop how it should be done!

    I detailed this Alfa last year and the customer was very happy until three days afterwards when they reversed into a fence, damaging the off side rear corner of the bumper and the off side rear arch. The car went to a bodyshop, who had been recommended to my customer by a friend. Sadly while...