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  1. Sryan2525

    Window motor swap

    Was at this all morning and got it working but it's not easy. They look similar on the outside but inside everything is different and nearly every part has been altered by 1-2mm. B@stards My original hope was to swap the 350z brush section into the s15 motor but thats impossible so all I could...
  2. Sryan2525

    Window motor swap

    Hey guys, i took my window motor out today to find that the brushes are f****cked. Even if I found new ones to fit, one of the arms to hold it is half missing! After some searching I found one that would work but not with the auto function. Instead I noticed that 350z motors look almost...
  3. Sryan2525

    New the Silvia family

    Hey boysies and girlsies, Recently had my little s15 show up after 7 agonising months of waiting to come from Japan. She's only a Spec S but I'm still proud of her! Looking forward to learning how to fix all the broken crap now 🤣😂😅😌😑😢