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  1. jinli

    White s15 aero Seaham

    My first s15 encounter! Looks gorgeous, makes me miss my old 15 even more now haha. I was in my 350z when I saw some familiar pattern at the corner of my eye parked up :)
  2. jinli

    Yashio Taillight fogs mod?

    Hey all, I've fitted the yashio lights on my s15 a while back, but without considering it doesn't have fogs! I cut the wire from my standard one, so is there a way to solder it to one of the yashio's LEDs? Was thinking of using the unused brake light on the wing as a possible easier alternative...
  3. jinli

    What is this front lip?

    I really like the under tray lip on this s15, minus the camber. It's exactly what I want but does anyone know where I can get it?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jinli

    Newbie here

    Well guys I've finally got an S15 a couple weeks ago from a guy on this forum. So far I'm a really happy owner and can't help but take good care of her everyday! However, today after going into town I've started to hear a ringing sound from the manifold area every time I accelerated... and it's...
  5. jinli

    Newbie here

    A member of sxoc but was recently referred here by s15_sam cause I'm mainly after the S15! Hello to you all, I hope I learn a lot from you guys. Let the hunting begin! :nod: