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    FS: Pearl White Aero SpecR

    It's time to sell up and think about my future so my SpecR is up for sale. My passion is for mint cars rather than heavily modified therefore mine is in pristine condition. Originally imported last year by Torque-GT as a grade 4, it has only covered an extra 6k miles and has been serviced twice...
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    New Yashio Headlights

    Yashio factory have 'released' new S15 headlights. From translation I believe you have to send your lights and the total cost is about £420 at todays exchange rate.
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    Stage One Tuning

    Gents After driving in a friend's (ugly) tuned Scooby, i've now caught the tuning bug! So what I have so far is just the Apexi filter with heat shield. I only want to do the following: FMIC Colder Spark Plugs Nismo 555 Injectors Increase boost ECU Remap Firstly, how much should this all...
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    FS: Front Wheel Bearings

    Hey all Thinking my bearings were gone (as there was a screeching noise coming from the left wheel) I went and bought replacement hub and bearing assemblies. Went I fit the front left, I noticed that there was still play in the wheel. Turned out to be a loose locking collar on the suspension...
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    FS: HKS intake

    HKS intake that came with the car when imported. Far better than the mushroom type they produce. Fits on to stock piping. Brackets included. £20.
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    Front Wheel Bearings

    My front left side wheel bearings need replacing as there is some play in the wheel and when i go over bumps, theres a metal scraping sound. Ive just been looking at the manual and i can't figure out which is the wheel bearing assembly from the diagram. Also, if I get a hub puller, is the job...
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    Tyre shop damaged my new wheels

    I copied this over from my 'for sale' thread. Also, I was going to post earlier that I took the 17s to have the tyres removed and the place guaranteed that they wont damage the wheels hence why I paid a little extra. Low and behold, they damaged them as theres now a scrape about an inch long on...
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    Perfectrun - Anyone need anything?

    Gents Ive got some things being shipped over from Japan via Perfectrun. ETA is mid next week. I still have some room in one of the boxes so if anyone needs anything, let me know now. You will save a bit on shipping.
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    FS: Brand New 17" Work XD9's

    Some of you may know that i bought these just two weeks ago and they stick out on the front by approximately 1.5cm. Well I decided against running camber so im just going to order myself two more that sit further in. They sit perfectly on the rear so if anyone is after 17" Work XD9s now or in...
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    ShadyUK's Pearl Aero S15

    Here's mine. I dont have too many plans for it, just to keep it mint and sexy with subtle touches. Engine HKS Short Ram Intake HKS Hyper Cat Back Exhaust HKS Down Pipe DecatExterior Full Aero from factory Nismo rear spoiler (it came like that from Japan, honest!!) PIAA HID KitSuspension...
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    Tyres for my new wheels

    Im getting XD9's in the following sizes. 17x8.5 +25 18x9.0 +30 What size tyres do you think I should go for? At present, my current wheels are about 20mm away from the coilovers on the front. The new wheels will have 4mm less clearance but will stick out 22mm more. The rears wont have as...
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    Work XD9 fitment

    Just thought id show you what I know will fit to S15's and save you time going through the hassle of researching endlessly. Recommended offsets by Work are : F 18x8 +35 R 18x9 +38 This is what they will look like (very similar offsets on a GTR) And heres what you can do with a...
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    Substitute for Vertex Lang Rear Spoiler

    Hey guys. Just been speaking to Chris at littleknocks and he told me that he used a BMW E36 M-tech rear spoiler on their S15. All they did was cut the ends off and it fits perfectly. I think this is a great substitute for the Vertex Lang spoiler, looks just as good if not better and is a far...
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    GB : Vertex Lang Rear Spoiler

    The mrs is sending me a Vertex Lang rear spoiler from the states but shes told me that the box can hold more of the same. Is anyone else interested? Best price I can get them in the country for is ?150 (price will include delivery to your door). Delivery time is approx 3-4 weeks. (Incase anyone...
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    Work XD9 - Which offset?

    Right ive sorted my finances and im very keen on these babies in white (link below). From previous discussions, I decided that the setup should be as follow: F: 235/40/18x8.5 +32 R: 265/35/18x9.5 +38 Problem is that they dont offer 8.5 or 9.5 width wheels, only 8 and 9. So, how will this...
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    FS: White Aero Spoiler

    Well I was going to put this on and do the wing mod but I cant be arsed now. Also the spoilerless look is growing on me. So, for sale is the original spoiler in white. Im after ?160 + postage (or collection from West London) as thats what it cost me.
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    FS: Prodrive GC-06H Alloys

    I thought about selling these a while ago as theyre only 17" (i want 18's, Work XD9) so im going to throw this over to you to see if theres any interest. They're very rare Prodrive alloys, forged aluminium weighing about 6.75kg each, made by Rays I believe. They sit perfectly and clear my Teins...
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    Annoying dash rattle

    There's a very annoying rattle coming from under the dash, around the airbag area. Im pretty sure it's here anyway but i know rattle locations can be deceptive. Anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?
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    Damn rattle!!

    Remember I posted this sound clip of the rattle coming from my car? Well it wasn't under the car as I initially thought but it seems to be coming from the engine bay. I checked the manifold heat shield, even removed it and im still getting the...
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    Gear box refill/drain plugs

    As above, are they both supposed to have magnets inside or just one of them? When changing the oil, only one of them did and the other was hollow as if the magnet was missing.