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  1. raytsang

    FS: My Vertex Ridge S15...400bhp... for sale... (Irish)

    Deposit taken.
  2. raytsang

    WTB: left and right arch liners

    as above anyone got these?
  3. raytsang

    Clutch Gearbox Noise.... Answer

    Right Guys.. This is the answer to alot of peoples problem with upgraded Clutch noises. found this when browsing through the nismo site Because the lightweight flywheel has been designed and manufactured to provide...
  4. raytsang

    s15 cams

    just woundering if anyone knows the cam profile of the standard cams i.e. degree and duration.
  5. raytsang

    rear side window rubber

    Hi guys, I want to replace the rubber surround but keep the glass, as the rubber in mine are damaged from removal to respray the car. Is it possible to just order the rubber surround? if so anyone know the part number?
  6. raytsang

    need help!! rear inner lower arm bushings.

    Hi Guys I've just ordered some bushings. But they are asking me whether the rear lower inner arm bush you have is 50mm long or 45mm long as there are two? and I have no idea ... anyone able to help me out here? oh there witheline poly bushings
  7. raytsang

    Open Event: SXOC Ireland Trackday 6th March 09.

    Guys and Gals, Just to let you guys know 'SXOC Ireland section' are orgainsing another trackday on the 6th March. I was told by 'Stiv' who is one of the local reps. on the sxoc ireland forum. To let you guys know if anyone is intrested in doing a trackday is more then welcome to join. just...
  8. raytsang

    FS: App brake hoses and Dixcel

    SOLD pls... Delete
  9. raytsang

    WTB: passenger side door card

    need a clean passenger side door card. my one has a small rip.:rolleyes:
  10. raytsang

    FS: HKS air filter

    HKS Air Filter will bolt straight on to standard s15/14 AFM. bolts included. had done about 15-20km. ***SOLD***
  11. raytsang

    FS: HKS Turbo timer

    used HKS Turbo timer 40 euro + p&p ***SOLD***
  12. raytsang

    FS: Used Cusco Shift Collar

    used Cusco Shift Collar for s15 only been on car for about a month or so. 10euros delivered using regular post as its a small item. The CUSCO Shift Lever Collar is stronger and sturdier than stock plastic unit and will give you an enhanced shift feel. ***SOLD***
  13. raytsang

    GarageMak S15

    AFAIK the GarageMak S15 is based on the 99Revolution kit here is some pics...
  14. raytsang

    FS: URAS Tatsunootoshigo S14/S15

    Lads brand new never fitted. on sale due to plans for big rears. 60euros/50pounds + p&p pics can be found on this site Tatsunootoshigo are the little pieces that go on your rear brakes that look like sea horses. These are used...
  15. raytsang

    350z/z33 brembo conversion.

    guys got hold of a set of brembo brake calipers and disc off a 350z 2006. just need abit more info and confirmation. Fronts. these should fit on straight forward enough.. just need to drill out a hole for a 14mm bolt instead of the normal 12mm the s15 uses. also heard they might need a...
  16. raytsang

    M sport carbon bonnets

    guys was looking at the carbon bonnets from M Sport. any of you guys got any experience from these bonnets like fit quality of the carbon etc. feed back please.
  17. raytsang

    starting and electrical problems.

    Hi Guys. have some issues with the car yesturday.. Basically was parked waiting for GF, engine off but radio still on. 10mins later went to turn the car back on, got nothing as if the battery went dead.. engine was not ever turning and no cranking noise. got a jump of 2 different car and a...
  18. raytsang

    Adjustable pulley with NVCS

    found this nice part on the Boss Auto Produce site it's a LAP "NVCS adjustment pulley" very useful for those what to fine tune the cams. and keep NVCS
  19. raytsang

    passenger side mirror

    Hi guys need the passenger side mirror part number. Is it possible to replace the plastic part the get screwed to the door. as the mirror had been ripped of from the screw fittings. if so i need a part number for that part then.
  20. raytsang

    Knight Industries Two Thousand Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang!!:cool: