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  1. therealgaryoc


    Best of luck getting the car!
  2. therealgaryoc

    ** latest fav pics of your own s15 **

    Bought her as a stock Spec R four years ago... Lifes too short to be looking at stock cars....
  3. therealgaryoc

    Silvia s15 Style-A

    That's one funky front bumper! Haven't seen one of those before! Hope you enjoy it!!
  4. therealgaryoc

    Looking to Buy S15 Spec-R

    Hey! hope you've found one by now! One important thing to look out for with the cars age will be rust. Sills, and engine bay are very common places to find rust on the silvias.
  5. therealgaryoc


    Hey everyone My name is Gary. Just posting to say hello! After years of talking about it I finally got myself a 2000 Spec R which, besides a cat back exhaust, is stock (unicorns do exist)