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  1. crazymat666

    Car misfiring now and again

    Basically I have replaced the plugs and had the oil and filter all sorted standard service job. Also cleaned the airflow meter and other sensors like I usually do. But for some reason when cruising along it still misses now and again. Any ideas what this could be?
  2. crazymat666

    Lag or??

    So if I put my foot down slowly it pulls fine but if I go straight down it still goes along but takes a while for the turbo to come in. I'm guessing this is lag? Running around 14 psi and have a big intercooler and hard pipe kit. Am I right? Oh also the turbo is basically a few months old so...
  3. crazymat666

    dump valve noise and chatter :S

    so late last year i changed over all my clips on my boost pipes to slurry clips and it has made a dramatic change to how it drives. on idle it isnt as lumpy anymore and just seems smoother while driving.but i have noticed the dump valve dumps and it also chatters when changing gear or letting...
  4. crazymat666

    WTB: front and rear window washer motors wanted.

    desperate for these motors.or atleast pointed in the right direction .
  5. crazymat666

    Pattern on my lights are no good.

    Anyone have any ideas to help this? Obvs last year it just got through the mot but I want to avoid getting new lights If I can obviously they are pricey. Anyone got any tips?
  6. crazymat666

    Steering rack arm lengths?

    I need a steering rack arm for my mot but need to know if both sides are the same length? And obviously it says 2 wheel steer and 4 wheel steer, I'm guessing it's 2 wheel steer? Don't want to end up getting the wrong one you see.
  7. crazymat666

    jdm parts websites?

    im currently looking for a off side steering rack arm and both window washer motors(maybe) and possibly some new headlights as the pattern isnt too great on mine but thats another maybe after i have messed anout with it all.i did have a website for all jdm parts but have lost the web...
  8. crazymat666

    Wind screen Washer motors wanted.

    As the title says I am after the motors for the front and rear windscreens for my mot in a month or so. If anyone could point me out in right direction Il be great full
  9. crazymat666

    put my foot down,brake,car stalls anyone had this???

    basically from a stand still or if i put my foot down to full boost then come to a stop 5-10seconds after,the revs drop right down and the car stalls.also if i dont stop and let off the throttle them few seconds later i put my foot on the throttle to stay at the same speed it hesitates and...
  10. crazymat666

    new lambda sensor and idle control valve

    im in need of both items in the title can anyone direct me to a good place to get them be very grateful
  11. crazymat666

    got a new turbo coming.what to do with the old one?

    i have a new turbo arriving which should be today and its getting fitted monday but i dont know what to do with the old one? it has play in it and i think the bearings are going as there was noise when we span it .there anyway to sell it as i know some people or places can rebuild them?just...
  12. crazymat666

    What are the signs of the turbo going?

    Had a problem for a few months now and I think my turbo may need rebuilding as it may have play in it .how much am I looking for a rebuild or a new unit?also what are the common signs to a turbo packing in? when I put my foot down I have a high pitch noise which I thought was a air leak but my...
  13. crazymat666

    air leaks?where to check its driving me mad.

    right so ive got a air leak because when i put my foot down i can hear a high pitch noise which is a air leak i took my dump valve off because i thought the t-piece on the bore was too big which it was and replaced it was the original pipe i had which is now the right size and tight but i cant...
  14. crazymat666

    a problem i really need to find out what it is

    right its hard to explain but here we go.basically when i put my foot down sometimes the turbo doesnt seem to come in i thought my clutch was going but it revs up fine and still moves yet its boosting fine but sometimes nothing happens with the turbo and i cant figure it out. for example i...
  15. crazymat666

    what are the symptoms of a sticky actuator?

    basically exactly what the title says :). im ruling out 1 thing at a time and wondering if this was the problem.
  16. crazymat666

    silver s15 carbon bonnet weymouth

    who is this?i got the same colour car but yours looked sweet as ****
  17. crazymat666

    anyone know the best plugs and coils to get?

    as the tittle says id like to know the best place to get the best plugs and coils from if possible :)?
  18. crazymat666

    is there such place that make custom made silicone hoses??

    i have a dump valve fitted but the t-piece spout is 25mm which is standard size for all bore size t-pieces .but the dump valve is also 25mm and has split the t-piece even though i got around it it looks scruffy and the fact ino its like it bugs does anyone know of any places on the...
  19. crazymat666

    Where are all the breather pipes?

    I wanna check anything to do with what might give me a air leak?just to be sure everything's cool as it runs a little bad when hot.i got a new afm on the way but would like to check all the airways lol
  20. crazymat666

    what cars could possibly replace a s15??

    so obviously i have a s15 and i love it in every way possible .but if i was to get another car who has any ideas what would replace it and still keep me happy?