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  1. naha_music

    FS: FS: APEXi Power FC w/ Commander L-Jetro

    I got a near new Power FC w/ commander up for sale. Bought brand new and was briefly installed.. but replaced it with the AEM Series 2 EMS before my project was ever completed.. I still have original box, instructions, receipt, etc.. $700 USD obo. Also got a brand new FC Datalogit w/...
  2. naha_music

    FS: FS: Apexi Power FC package deal

    I'm in the near stages of getting my S15 up and running, but recently decided to go a different route with the engine management system (I decided to go with the AEM EMS Series 2 instead, in case your wondering..) therefore selling my Power FC and related gear as a package. Apexi Power FC w/...
  3. naha_music

    Battery charging/ electrical current question here...

    Not having any knowledge on how electrical currents work.. got a question about battery charging. I purchased a Optima redtop battery (34R) for my s15 a few months back. After the car sitting over winter several months, the battery was dead. I have a schumacher SC-600A charger that I purchased...
  4. naha_music

    Blow through MAF setup?

    Do any of you have any experience or knowledge with the 'blow through MAF' setup?
  5. naha_music

    Turbo oil drain tube on block

    I've changed to a top mount turbo set up, and replacing all the oil feed/drain lines with braided hoses and AN fittings. I also want to replace the oil drain tube on the block that connects to the turbo drain line with a 10AN fitting. The weather hasn't been very cooperative the past couple...
  6. naha_music

    naha_music's engine build

    good day gents, well.. i've owned my s15 for about 1 1/2 yrs now, and haven't posted too many pics yet. i started playing around with the engine about a year ago and was planning on posting up some pics when it was finished.. but the way things are going, it's gonna be awhile before i have the...
  7. naha_music

    sr20det head comparision

    I'm trying to get some info cleared up. I was sourcing a head for my s15 to use for a build up. I came across a s13 'blacktop' head in decent condition for a decent price. I asked around and was told that the s13 head is compatible to the s15 block so i went ahead and made the purchase. Now...
  8. naha_music

    DIY Paint Jobs

    Have anyone of you all your own paint jobs, i.e.. full body, body kit, interior, etc? If so, I'd like to see some pics and description on what and how you did it.
  9. naha_music

    WTB: looking for a oem shift knob

    does anyone got an extra stock shift knob (the one with the lighting bolt on top) they would like to sell? condition doesn't matter...
  10. naha_music

    what do you all think about these interior bits?

    honestly i've never really been a big fan of the carbon fibre look, but i found this place and absolutely love the 'dry' carbon fibre look and was thinking about get the middle console and radio surround. but before i go and blow my hard earned cash, what do you all think...
  11. naha_music

    A guy in U.S. may need some help from scammer in UK

    I was browsing some nissan sites and came across a thread where a guy in the U.S. had purchased a s14 sr20det motor set from a guy in the UK. He thinks he's been scammed as he already paid for the motor but it still hasn't arrived, and the seller isn't being responsive. Please read this thread...
  12. naha_music

    anyone in need of some 'go-faster' decals???

    i'm not trying to advertise or anything, just wanting to help some folks out if your needing some decals. ' i used to run a small graphics shop in california a few years back, but ended up closing shop after some legal troubles. i still have some of my equipment to make decals and shirts...
  13. naha_music

    bad/rough idle after installing cams

    i recently finished installing a set of bc 264 cams and now having some idle issues. it sits around 850rpms at idle, but the motor seems to vibrate very bad and the boost vaccum seems to fluctuate sporadically between 6-7.5, which it didn't do prior to installing the cams. at times, it also...
  14. naha_music

    Crank Pulley Bolt Size?

    Before I go out and buy a complete set of large sockets (i only have up to 24mm), does anyone know off hand what size is the crank pulley bolt?
  15. naha_music

    Does anyone make aftermarket sr20det heads?

    As the title states, does anyone know if theres any companies that make sr20det heads? ie. crate..nismo..jun.. etc...
  16. naha_music

    how do you pressurize the combustion chamber?

    i've got new valve springs and retainers that i'll be installing in the near future and was told that i need to pressurize the combustion chamber if i'm going to be doing the work while the head is still on the motor. how is this done? any help would be greatly appriciated!
  17. naha_music

    which gauge first?

    out of the following, which gauges would you consider being the most important? second? etc?? oil pressure meter oil temp meter water temp meter egt temp meter air/fuel meter
  18. naha_music

    rear strut/brace bar question

    i've been looking to purchase and install a rear strut bar for my s15. all my sources in the past says the s14 and s15 bars are the same. yesterday i went down to my local upgarage (used performance parts store here in japan) and they had a nice one (don't remember brand) for the s14. when i...
  19. naha_music

    Fitting other Nissan model steering wheels?

    Has anyone ever tried installing a steering wheel from another model nissan? I would like to install a Fairlady Z33 wheel, but open to anything that fits and looks sexy (with functional airbags of course!) Thanks for any suggestions..
  20. naha_music

    WTB: looking for a set of s15 eyelids

    i'm looking for a set of s15 eyelids, if anyone has a set their looking to rid of, please let me know. i prefer non-carbon fibre, but any will do at this point. thanks.