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  1. Yakozan

    Quick shopping trip to the UK.

    Hi guys. Not been one here much, but I hope that will change. Have my last exam for the semester on monday. Planning to take a quick trip to the UK in a week or two to buy a new car as I've sold the R33 and don't know what to do with the money :wack:. Unfortunaly it isn't enough to get another...
  2. Yakozan


    It's like changing bulbs on a regular headlight. Stock HID is D2S 4300K. You probobly want something around 6000K or maybe higher.
  3. Yakozan

    Happy new year!!

    I'd like to wish everybody a happy new year. May the aftermarket parts flow. Happy new S15 year (although I don't have one anymore :o )
  4. Yakozan

    UK VAT, how much for how long?

    Am I right saying that the VAT in the UK is 15% right now? How long will it be 15%? Heard something that it will go back to 17.5% next year. Could anyone shed some light on this question?
  5. Yakozan

    Pics: Arrival of Godzilla :)

    Flew down to Gothenburg yesterday with my dad to pick up his new car :) It had finally arrived after 14 months wait. First official car in Scandinavia I beliave, not sure if Finland had a delivery yet. great car. Chassi is superb and it's pretty comfy considering the performance. My S15 was...
  6. Yakozan

    No longer a S15 owner :(

    Yesterday i met up with a lad from Gothenburg to sell my car. he test drove it, payed and drove away with the car :cry: So now I'm not an S15 owner anymore. The S15 is still the best car I've ever had, and I've had some very fun moments in it. Especially on track and it was always fun to have...
  7. Yakozan

    WTB: Coilpack wanted

    Started the S15 up today and it suffered from the Subaru syndrome. So I need a coilpack :) Anyone has a good functional coilpack for me? Let me know how much wou want for it with postage to Sweden. Paypal only, unless located in Sweden or if you have a Swedish bank account for some reason.
  8. Yakozan

    video: Worlds fastest road legal BMW crash

    A motor journalist test drives the "Loaded" BMW M3 CSL and crash it on a track in Falkenberg, Sweden. Car has been restored now and looks like this. The Crash video. This car has lapped the nurburgring at 7:22.8 which can be seen...
  9. Yakozan

    Video: New Nissan 370Z with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models

    Topic says it all really :)
  10. Yakozan

    Video: My latest music video

    Recorded a song me and my band played last week. Sorry for the bad quality, we didn't use expensive camera equipment but I think it turned out pretty good especially after a friend of mine edited the video :D Not everyones taste in music though, but let me know what you think. The song is Beer...
  11. Yakozan

    Wheel weights databas.

    Found a webiste with a large database regarding wheelwheights which I think can be very useful. edit: added to useful threads.
  12. Yakozan

    The merry christmas thread 2008

    The S15 owners club wishes everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. Don't drink to much booze during the holidays now :D We all know that less booze equals more boost.
  13. Yakozan

    Happy Birthday Nicely!

    Happy Birthday Nicely! :wave: Not long until retirement now :nod: ;)
  14. Yakozan

    The reason behind driving RHD cars in a LHD country ;)

    Spotted this on another forum and thought it was funny. That might explaine why I've never recieved speeding fines from cameras :D
  15. Yakozan

    Swedish GTR High performance tour

    Just came back from Gothenburg where Nissan had invited me and a bunch of other GTR fans and soon to be owners to see the first GTR on Swedish soil as far as I know. The Swedish Nissan HPC will handle the orders from Sweden, Norway and Denmark and they've sold a total of 36 units. 34 in Sweden...
  16. Yakozan

    Fuel prices over the world

    Found this website which states fuel prices across the globe.
  17. Yakozan

    pics: Honda S2000 aero??

    found this for sale here in Sweden. according to the add the rear wing is a Veilside one but I disagree and i think you will too :)
  18. Yakozan

    Video: S15 on rollers with S15oc stickers on? Just spotted this. Is that S15oc stickers on the rear quarter windows? Anyone here :)
  19. Yakozan

    S15 stock boost gauge, why 2 boost measure units?

    Just looked closer on the S15 boost gauge. Why does it seem to have vacuum in "mmhg" and boost in "Kg/cm2"? Why not just stick to one measuring unit or is it a industrial standard of some sort to measure vacuum in mmgh?
  20. Yakozan

    Nismo Coppermix vs Nismo Sport-clutch kit

    Any recommendations? My clutch has started to slip in 5th gear. Looked at the perfectrun website and spotted these two which would suite my S15. Seems to take similar spec. Coppermix (380ps) is a little more expensive. Coppermix spring pressure is 7846 (800) N (Kgf) Sports clutch kit spring...