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    Fuel type for spec S

    Japan and the US/Canada use different octane rating systems. 96 RON in Japan equals about 91 AKI. Just use at least 91 in the US.
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    Zoda: [Series 3] 1996 180sx Type X

    Hello everyone, I joined the site a few years ago and was working towards importing a 180sx from Japan. Last year in May, I was able to win one at auction and it arrived at the end of August. It's completely stock aside from a Momo steering wheel and Kenwood radio. It only had one previous...
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    SR20 vacuum hoses and other

    Diagrams can found be found in the 'Engine Control System' (ec) section of the S15 service manual. Here is a simple diagram found on page 16.
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hello there. It's cool to see another Calgarian on the site.
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    (VIDEO) A'PEXi Power Intake Install

    Great video, thanks for sharing it. I'm thinking of getting one too, once I get an S13. It really did make a difference for your S15. Enjoy!
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    Hello there

    * CAD
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    Hello there

    Thank you! 😁
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    Hello there

    I'm looking to import from Japan through a local import service. Last time I checked, you could find a nice one for under $15,000 CDN. There aren't many 180s in my city, just 240s
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    Hello there

    Not quite yet. I'm probably going to start looking around April when I've saved up enough.
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    Hello there

    Hello everyone, I'm Zoda. I am going to be getting a 180sx S13 soon.