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    Turbo (HKS GT2540 vs Garrett GTI-R sr20 GT28

    About to choose turbo for my build (sr20det). I do have 2 HKS GT2540 (i think, cant find the specs on them) that came from RB26DETT. i do also have a Garrett GT28 which came from the sr20 GTI-R. i Will send the Garrett or HKS for overhaul when i decided which route to go for. i do not know...
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    SR20 vacuum hoses and other

    Thank you, just found it!
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    SR20 vacuum hoses and other

    Someone know in which of the manuals i can find routing for the engine vacuum hoses etc? Im about to put the engine back in the car but would like to know where every hose were going.
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    hi, Celebrate 10years with my S15 this year. I have removed every part and bolt except the inner roof i Belive for Maintenance etc. Driven on the street and built in the garage, hopefully back on street soon after a few years in the garage. I guess S15 is the Queen of the street! Dream car in...