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  1. Carta

    Softer suspension

    Hey guys! Just a quick one, I run CST coilovers and I am finding that they are too harsh to use every day. Im wondering what would be my best bet to change to to improve the ride quality. My car isnt stupidly low so thats not an issue Thanks
  2. Carta

    FS: Bride VIOS III Sport FRP seat and Rail

    I am selling my Bride seat and rail, and would like a standard S15 seat and rail plus money. It is in excellent condition, just some wear on the right bolster. It holds me in super well and im a 34" waist. I have all accompanying paper work which I can show when I get home. It is just too...
  3. Carta

    FS: JDM Rear Lights

    Just changed my rear lights to some DMAX ones so I have my oldies up for sale if any one wants them. The drivers rear light does fog up, but can be solved by resealing them I assume. These are the only pictures I have on me at the moment but can get more when I get back from work. £70
  4. Carta

    WTB: S15 abs ecu

    If you have the ABS ECU which is located near the stock ECU let me know
  5. Carta

    ABS Computer

    Hey guys, I have just swapped my loom in my car and the only issue I have now is the ABS computer. On the old loom I had a black and a grey plug which plugged into the ABS ECU, now on this new loom I have two grey plugs and they dont fit in to the ABS ECU. Ive looked online and it seems there...
  6. Carta

    WTB: S15 ecu

    Does anybody have an standard ECU which I could purchase please? or if the S14a one is the same that too. Thanks
  7. Carta

    WTB: Front bumper, Could swap

    I have a GP Sports front bumper, but sadly its been rammed when my car was put on the boat. The bumper is cracked where it fits to the wings, and wobbles like crazy. I would like to get a standard or even a aero bumper if anyone has one.
  8. Carta

    WTB: Standard S15 Seat, Swap for my bride and rail + cash

    I am looking for a standard S15 seat and rail as my Bride seat is a bit overkill. I will put a for sale post for my Bride in a bit.
  9. Carta

    My Silvia nearly killed me today!

    Today after work I started my Silvia up and I noticed that it was idling at 1.5k rpm not the usual, but I put that down to cold start. When I was driving, now and then I would hear a whining noise which eventually stopped. So I pulled out of a junction onto a 60mph road and booted it to 60, I...
  10. Carta

    Boost hoses.

    I had a profec B stolen out of my car but the bits in the engine bay were left. Now I want to remove these ancillaries but I find that the boost hose from the actuator on turbo goes into a little box for the profec. Where would this go if I didnt have a profec. Anyone got any pictures to help...
  11. Carta

    Interior Dome Light

    Morning guys, just a quick one. My interior dome light (and other interior lights) do not come on when the door is opened (but come on if manually switched one) also the car doesnt beep when the engine is off and the lights are on and I open the door. Any ideas where to start to look to...
  12. Carta

    S15 not starting

    Hey guys, got a strange issue. If you didnt know my ecu was cut out at the docks, well its all been sorted now and the car is working, but I am having a strange issue. If I dont disconnect the battery after I get out of the car, it wont start. The starter motor cranks the car but it wont...
  13. Carta

    S15 ecu pinout colours

    I am trying to match up the colours listed in the S15 ecu pinouts thread to the cables I have cut in my car. I cant seem to make sense of the listings. There is a cable that is listed as G, is that green or grey? Also one listed as L? what does that mean? If anyone could tell me how to work...
  14. Carta

    Pioneer AVIC-HRZ08 Hey guys, I have the above unit fitted in my S15. Is this a standard unit? Anyone had any experiences with it? Its also in Japanese, so when I turn on the ignition it greets me in Japanese Dan
  15. Carta

    WTB: S15 loom and ECU, washer bottle and Spec R side badges

    Hey guys, I imported an S15 and these were stolen on route so if anyone has any of these please let me know Dan
  16. Carta

    New Owner from West Midlands

    Hey guys, just introducing myself and my new purchase. I used to drive an imported 180sx and now I am now the owner of an S15. So, Hi :) Dan