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    track rod ends

    Hello , I was looking for some advice my car needs new track rod ends again , I only replaced them last year . I drive my car most days what would you guys recommend that i buy .
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    WTB: wiper arm linkage

    Above I'm looking for the window wiper linkage that joined to he motor . If anyone has one forsale please let us know . Thanks james Does anyone know if other Nissan models have the same linkage ?
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    My friend photographed this s15 in Australia when he was on holiday this year thought you guys might like to see it .
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    WTB: cat

    Hello ,anyone got a cat forsale for my mot ? , does the s14a cat fit the s15 ?thanks James
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    car mats

    Don't know if this is the proper place to put this . They are doing a group buy on the sxoc for car mats and I asked if they could do a set for my s15 with maybe the spec R logo ( apparently im the only person to ask with a s15 ?) anyway the more people that want them the better chance there is...
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    car not running properly

    I was out for a drive yesterday and I dropped it from 6 th gear to 3rd and when I hit 4rpm the car felt like it hit a flat spot and didn't want to give anymore. The car feels like stuttering when you try and push it .
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    standard boost gauge

    Hello , is the standard boost gauge meant to light up ? .
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    Hello , just wondering if the s15 calipers are the same as the ones on the s14a , I don't think they are but I thought I would ask .