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    Central Locking Fuse

    Hi guys - do you know which fuse the central locking runs on? Problem is my passenger side has stopped working, doesn't open from the alarm remote, nor the drivers door button or using the key in the drivers lock. so it's not both central locking units, just the passenger, does it run on a...
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    S15 gear knob

    Hi all just picked up this gear knob off ebay. It has the silvia logo etched in the top and is flared out at the bottom so it fits like the factory item, has anyone seen it before? is it a factory extra or???
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    interior lighting

    Hey guys quick question regarding dash lighting. I dont have any lighting around the rear demister button and in the climate control unit there is nothing lighting the "auto" and "off" or the temp knob. Is all of this meant to light up? i assume the "auto" and "off" and knob are but is the rear...
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    How do i replace this plastic triangle part?

    how do i get the plastic triangle out from the corner of the door? mine is cracked and i have a replacement but not sure how to get it out!
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    Best Dump Style for S15?

    hi there i have a JDM s15 with standard turbo and 3" exhaust from the dump back. i am looking at picking up an aftermarket dump pipe but not sure what design to go, either the open 3" pipe or the split style that splits off the wastegate gasses. i have read a few debates for this so...
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    WTB: WTB HID Headlights

    Hi Guys Im after some factory HID headlights - i actually have some ballasts but have the non HID lights so if someone by any chance has headlights with broken/faulty ballasts that would be perfect. If not thats cool let me know if you have a working set! Preferably in Australia but will...
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    12 v cigarette accessory

    hi guys i have seen this accessory in a few cars - any idea what it is??? (the red thing where the cigarrette lighter would be)
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    warning chimes

    hi guys now iv had my s15 for about 2 months and the warning chimes are giving me the sh*ts - the ones where your door is open and the stereo is on or your lights are left on or whatever. is there are way to stop this? a fuse perhaps?
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    Boost Gauges

    Hi All looking to replace the standard jap spec boost gauge with something a bit nicer. I am looking to get one in PSI. what have you guys got? If you could post up some pics that would be great! thanks!
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    folding side mirrors

    Hi guys just wondering if the side mirrors are meant to automatically fold in and out when you turn off and on the ignition?? i can press the button to get them to fold in and out but was under the impression if you put the switch in the middle it may do it automatically?
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    WTB: Plastic interior bits

    Hi guys, just picked up a s15 and i am after a couple of bits: passenger side mirror interior plastic triangle (mine is cracked) drivers seat mat plastic retainer (mine is broken and my mat slips) if anyone knows where i could get these (maybe new from nissan?) please let me know!