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  1. AllanOrr


    Tryed to have a search about but couldnt really find a propper answer. S14a Turbo Elbow & Downpipes are the same as S15's or is it S14 ones that are the same? I remember someone had an issue with the downpipe they fitted being too short but cant remember what model it came off of :wack...
  2. AllanOrr

    WTB: Help the Rebuild!

    Hey guys looking to try and get my hands on a few bits I sold off my s15 when I stripped it :) Looking for: Standard Areo kit Must Be In WHITE ie - Rear Boot Spoiler, Skirts, Rear Bumper & Stock Front (Non Aero) Front Nissan OME Wings Front Fog Lights Please dont offer FPR/Fiberglass kits...
  3. AllanOrr

    FS: HKS Brake Hoses

    I have a Set of brand new S15 HKS Brake Hoses that I wont be fitting to my S15 so sticking them up for sale :) They are black in colour and branded with the HKS Stamp on each hose, come with washers etc like I said brand new and never opened. £70 delivered :)
  4. AllanOrr

    FS: Z32 gearbox set up

    Selling my Z32 Gearbox set up I bought for the S15 as I will be putting a 6-Speed back into it to sell :) Comes with everthing you need inc master cylinders etc. Mileage 65000ish Havent personally ran the box on my S15 but was told no crushes and the changes were smooth. Looking for £200...
  5. AllanOrr

    FS: Mega Parts Sale

    Well here is the rest of the parts I will be selling from my S15 Build before I start buying parts to put it back on the road to sell on :cry:This will be only on till this time next week when I put it onto SXOC aswell and knowing they guys the stuff will go fast so yous load have a...
  6. AllanOrr

    FS: New HKS, G-Reddy Performance Parts SR20DET

    New HKS, G-Reddy Performance Parts SR20DETSelling a few high end performance parts I wont use on my S15 due to unforeseen circumstances HKS S14/S15 T4/GT Manifold Part: 14019-AN001 T4 Flange, 3.00mm wall thickness, 50.00mm Tube Dia. External Waste Gate 55mm Bolt Mounting (center to centre)...
  7. AllanOrr

    FS: Red M-Reg S14 For Sale

    Red M-Reg S14 For Sale Have decided it is now time to sell my S14 after buying it in March and putting to the standard it should be I really dont want to strip the car as I dont have another one to get to work etc so please dont as for parts off it. Main reason for selling is pritty much I...
  8. AllanOrr

    FS: New Japspeed FMIC S15

    Hey guys deciding to sell my FMIC I got from Japspeed a few months ago its still new in the box inc all the pipe work and hoses etc never been used or went near a car, this is the same style as the Type 1 Apex FMIC that goes through the battery tray Japseed have these on their GB @ £199 I...
  9. AllanOrr

    S14 Daily Drift....Why!

    Well here is the Spec List so far on my S14 that I will be having as a daily soon: Spec List: HKS Hi Power (Silancer Removed) Japspeed Decat Japspeed Twin Down Pipe Japspeed Turbo Elbow H-Dev Mani Japspeed Light Weight Pulleys Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch Apex Type 2 FMIC 440 CC Injectors NGK -...
  10. AllanOrr

    WTB: Apexi Power FC - D.Jetro

    Hey guys looking for a Apexi FC D-Jetro for either : S15 S14a Black Top Must inc all sersors and be in working order PM me with prices if anyone is selling or considering parting with one. Cheers, Allan
  11. AllanOrr

    WTB: Spec S A-piller Trim

    Hey guys looking for a Spec S A-Piller trim for the drivers side (the one without a boost gauge) :) PM Me if any of you are selling one, Not looking for swaps for my Spec R one though so dont hit me with that question :wack: Cheers
  12. AllanOrr

    FS: Origin Style 25mm Front Wings (Unfitted)

    Hi guys, Decided to go down a slightly different path with the styling on my S15 and now wont be running another Drift kit as I can get the Bodykit I want copyed for roughly the same money which would make more sense to be honest :) Sooo I am selling the Origin styled 25mm Front wings I got...
  13. AllanOrr

    Spec R Half Shafts

    Hey guys this might be more for the ones running 2-way diffs over stock :) Do any of yous know if when fitting a 2-way diff if you require to still use the stock half shafts? :confused: Main reason I am asking is I am selling my stock diff but have had alot of people asking me if these are...
  14. AllanOrr

    WTB: DMAX Carbon Bonnet S15 / Drift Kit

    Hey guys looking for a DMAX style bonnet for the S15 has to be carbon though condition isnt a issue, dont want to pay £550 for a EP Racing one to then paint it :down: Also looking for a decent body kit (URAS prefered) for drifting again any condition/colour nothing daft like the front bumper in...
  15. AllanOrr

    S14 Sivlia Import Rear Screen

    Hey guys I have a shout at a rear windscreen on a s14 import that doesnt have the rear wiper that all the s14 boys are after, do any of you know if the s14 and s15 rear windscreen are the same fitment? I know it might not have the aerial etc and the heat element might not work but I will be...
  16. AllanOrr

    Podcasts - Gig Downloads

    Hey guys I used to do this on some of the civic forums where I would post up the set I done for gigs after they were recorded..soooo here is one from Sunday the 26th September @ Uberfest2 in The Soundhaus, Glasgow :thumbs: Set List: Track 1 - Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel -In And Out Of...
  17. AllanOrr

    Driftworks Vs Tein Suspension

    Looking for some opinions guys on what set up is really worth the buck, persoanly have always seen Tein as one of the best suspension brands out there though after hearing some mixed views and very good things about the Driftworks kits that are for sale for roughly the exact same price now I am...
  18. AllanOrr

    Skyline Nismo AFM

    Now I know there will be someone out there saying this should be in the electrical section but I though its more to do with the engine :wack: I was looking on Driftworks and seen a Skyline with a Z32 AFM fitted to it now I am wondering if these Nismo Units will fit onto our cars...or if there...
  19. AllanOrr

    FS: S15 Spec R Parts List (Take2)

    Hi guys :) now I have my wee run around as of this w.e I can start stipping all the parts off my S15, S15 Spec R White has covered around 69-70k miles: Parts List - Skirts £SOLD Electric Folding Mirrors (Pair) £SOLD Front Seat Belts (Pair With Buckles) £50 Rear Seat Belts (Pair With...
  20. AllanOrr

    FS: Brand New J Performance SR20DET Screamer Pipe

    Hi guys bought a screamer pipe for my S15 Spec R but due to going for a topmount turbo set up I wont be needing this, its still in the box packed up from J Performance so ready to send soon as Little info on the pipe from the website They...