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  1. J

    Grey S15 Crosspool, Sheffield

    Saw a nice 15 up at Crosspool shops this evening, reg was ***JOE. Never seen it before but looks very decent.
  2. J

    White S15 Spec R. Sheffield, Frechville.

    White S15 Spec R. Sheffield, Birley Moor Road Drove past a gorgeous spec r on someone's drive everyday for about a year. Haven't seen it for about 2 months. Wondering if anyone on here knows whos it is as id quite like to know what happened to it. Reg was V851OBA.
  3. J

    Morning all.

    Good morning all, my name's Josh and I'm from Sheffield, England. I've been browsing this forum for some time without actually registering. I have finally come to the realisation after many years that I can own an S15 if I put the effort in. I'm working my socks off to own a spec r within the...