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  1. DeanS15

    Peglio's vertex edge edition

    Congratulations mate, let's hope you've still got room for the project once the little one arrives 🙏
  2. DeanS15

    Peglio's vertex edge edition

    Gorgeous mate. Stunning. Colour reminds me of top secret cars a little but so much nicer 👌🏻
  3. DeanS15

    Looking to go round again.....

    Hey all, been a long time..... now I'm back with some questions if you've got the answers! It's lengthy so please bear with me... For anyone that already knows me I was an active member for a few years some time ago while I built up my last s15. I put my heart and soul into the car which...
  4. DeanS15

    FS: Loads of assorted s15 bits

    I am having a clear out of my leftover s15 parts I had in the loft... I have the following stuff FULL SET OF GOOD RUST FREE UPPER ARMS. BUSHES ARE GOOD MILEAGE WAS LOW 8 arms total, 6 rear, 2 front s14 GEARBOX CONVERSION PROP, front half s14, rear s15. Cleaned up and painted, dynamically...
  5. DeanS15

    FS: Assorted standard parts

    my car is up for sale and here are the decent bits that are no longer needed: s13/s15 decat. 315mm mint with new bolts, washers and all metal locking nuts 40-00 delivered SOLD genuine hks silent hi-power stainless steel middle box, 3" bore, excellent condition, can be welded into any 3"...
  6. DeanS15

    FS: 3" decat pipe

    3" bore Stainless steel decat pipe including new bolts, washers and all metal locking nuts. basically as new, 65+delivery from apex performance. 40-00 delivered :)
  7. DeanS15

    FS: 2000 S15 spec R - Pristine, full vertex kit, 357bhp, 345ib/ft. £11.5k.

    After careful consideration, and four years of devoted ownership, sadly it's time to part ways with my car. I know of a few loved S15'S, but i doubt very much whether there is an s15 that has been more loved and pampered than this one (but then of course that's biased :)). I bought the car as...
  8. DeanS15

    Wheres the full site gone from mobile devices?

    I cleared the cookies on my iphone the other day, now I can only access the mobile version of the site but I always used the full version.... Does anyone know how I can go back to the full site as there doesn't appear to be an option.... Cheers.
  9. DeanS15

    Rear facing baby seat that fits????

    As above really, we want to take our little one with us to shows in the summer if we can, but rear facing seats are so bulky and the one we have doesn't seem to fit... Does anyone know which ones will fit? Thanks in advance :).
  10. DeanS15

    Dashboard 'carbonisation' ?

    What do you lot think of this? Looks quite cool and well price but not sure wether it's gash or not??? I'd like to see it in reality an see if it looks good or not, the dash bottom half does look dull and scratch quite easily....
  11. DeanS15

    White kitted s15 weathers on sea

    White kitted s15 westgate on sea Spotted this morning, Looked nice. one of very few I've ever seen round this way... Should read westgate on sea, iPhone predictive text grrrr
  12. DeanS15

    FS: Pewter silver genuine spec r rear spats

    For sale I have a pair of pewter silver spec r aero rear spats. These are genuine Nissan items in very good condition. They were painted wv2 professionally and matched my original paintwork perfectly. Unfortunately there are a couple of tiny marks that don't really notice and on one of them...
  13. DeanS15

    WTB: Rocker cover

    S15 rocker cover please, dirty/grubby is fine as long as it's not got any broken tabs. What have you :)
  14. DeanS15

    FS: S15 exedy hyper single clutch full kit

    i have changed over to s14 gearbox due to my paranoia over breaking my 6 spd so for sale is my exedy hyper single clutch. ask anyone that has one, these are great for a paddle, after having it for a couple of years i'd say its perfectly useable for the road and the pedal is just as soft as...
  15. DeanS15

    FS: Fans, harnesses, hoses, bushes, wheelnuts etc...

    for sale i have the following: a pair of bolt in sparco (manufactured by sabelt) eec approved road legal and kitemarked 3 point bolt in harnesses with booklets and all fixings. spotless condition. ONE REMAIMING £30-00 POSTED. Bargain :) brand new boxed set of energy poly rear upper arm and...
  16. DeanS15

    What are they worth???

    I've got a few buts lying around and one is a set of jdm genuine silvia mats in the black and red fleck pattern with the badges etc and they are pretty much mint, very good quality mats. Anyway I don't know what they're worth and to be honest if they are worth peanuts I'll keep them myself. Any...
  17. DeanS15

    N6ray, Milton Regis.

    Passed your car parked up on the way to work - looks smart :) don't ever see them round this way....
  18. DeanS15

    very happy :)

    i just wanted to share my joy :D we recently started trying for a baby and had the first scan yesterday - so far all looks good, baby is healthy and everything is normal. one thing i was pretty chuffed with is that (having never used them before lol) it works out the missus was pregnant within 2...
  19. DeanS15

    FS: carbon fibre garage defend style cooling panel (painted pewter silver)

    for sale is my carbon cooling panel from the original group buy. basically it had some spider cracks in the lacquer, these were repaired, the unnecessary holes filled and then painted pewter silver when i had my car done. it's freshly painted but you can see the feint outline of the original...
  20. DeanS15

    Meet: will there be a summer meet this year???

    just wondering guys, last years summer meet was great (if a little far) and it'd be great if there was anything in mind for this year too..... thoughts??:)