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  1. Curryzz

    FS: Catalyst Converter and down pipe For Sale, Good Condition

    Hi, I have a Cat from my S15 I no longer need as I sold the car, it was removed from the car around 45k. I also have a standard down pipe for sale, also in good condition:) Cat £60.00 plus postage Down Pipe £25.00 postage For some pictures email me or PM me Email...
  2. Curryzz

    FS: Drivers Side Wing in white £40.00

    Hey, I have a drivers side wing in pearl white, it is unmarked, need to shift it as its taking up room:( 40.00 plus postage or collect it Regards Paul
  3. Curryzz

    FS: Few parts left over to sell,fenders,stereo trim,coil packs

    Hello guys, I have finally got round to having a look at what I have left over from when I owned a S15:) Standard down pipe £25.00 Standard coil packs x 3 £20.00 each Passenger side wing( dented)white £40.00 Drivers side wing(unmarked)white. £70.00 Standard stereo surround that houses the...
  4. Curryzz

    FS: Standard S15 coil packs for sale

    Hi guys, I have 3 standard coil packs for sale £20.00 each Paul
  5. Curryzz

    Will I notice any difference once my intercooler is fitted?

    Just wondering if I will actually feel any difference once my front mount is on, I'm on the understanding I need it mapped for the car to be running properly but everybody says a front mount is a great upgrade so will it increase bhp or feel quicker with just fitting it? Just wondering:)
  6. Curryzz

    What shall I do? S15 or mates SC DC5

    I need some help making a decision, I have a friend with a Super charged DC5, it's a 03 plate, looks very nice and goes very well, He has spent around 7k on the charger and a clutch etc, he wants to do a straight swap, I'm quite tempted as I work for Honda and sell Spoon Sports parts as a job...
  7. Curryzz

    What exhaust are people running?

    Just wondering what exhaust people are running, I fancy something a bit louder,Mines a lovly exhaust but to quiet for me, I like the idea of a Blitz exhaust,anybody wana swap,mine is marked as a tanarbe exhaust,not quite sure though because iv been told its HKS too:confused: its 3 inch all the...
  8. Curryzz

    Would these fit my s15 and look propa;) Hmm I like these
  9. Curryzz

    Engine torque damper

    Just a quick one, as my engine is out iv decided to get a couple parts reprayed to tidy things up, strut brace ends etc, I was wondering as I have a cheepy ETD wondered how to check if it works ok? I put all my weight on it to see if it moved but it doesn't budge, I realise it's got to be hard...
  10. Curryzz

    Will S14a seats be the same fitment as S15

    Yelllow:) Do we know if s14 seat fitment is the same for S15? Paul
  11. Curryzz

    What power do you think my car will make?

    Hi guys, I found out the news today my bottom end defiantly went so once that's fixed and run in I will be fitting a stand alone link ecu, i'l list the engine mods so you guys can see what you think... HKS exhaust Decat pipe Apexi air filter Walbro fuel pump Split fire coil packs Hks dump valve...
  12. Curryzz

    Where can i get myself some nice floor mats for my S15

    Hellooooo, I have been driving around now with crappy floor mats for far to long, i want some nice quality floor mats, any ideas lads?:) Paul
  13. Curryzz

    Curryzz S15 silvia withdrawn from sale:)

    Hello guys, Iv come to my senses and decided to not sell my S15:nod:, I have been having so meny problems with her it has caused me alot of stress and being pretty unhappy to be honist, iv had an electrical fault which i have been unable to fix for the last 4 months, as soon as spring set in...
  14. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle,where can i buy the part from?

    Hi guys i want to get a new vvt sproket i think they call it?where can i order myself one,would like to get a new one rather than another nakered one?:nod: Cheers lads
  15. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried (PIC ON PAGE 3) Hi guys, I have a rattle which has got worse, i think its vvt but i have had another chap say it sounds a bit bottom end,ish, i dont think it is, how can i work out what it actually is?It doesnt tap when its cold but as it warms up...
  16. Curryzz

    Car starts to judder under load

    fixed Paul
  17. Curryzz

    Maybe I'm going mad

    Jut a quick one, my digital clock in the dash always stays on, does evrybodys do this I'm sure it used to go of when I remove the keys from the ignition? It's not illuminated as such like the lights are on it's just showing the time all the "time" lol, but I'm sure I would take the keys out and...
  18. Curryzz

    FS: Curryzz s15 for sale, mint s15 spec r areo in white (1999)

    Curryzz s15 for sale, mint s15 spec r aero in white (1999) Regretful sale of my immaculatley turned out S15 Spec R finished with the saught after factory fitted Aero bodykit in pearl white. Jdm import through TORQUE GT in September 2007, Im the 3RD owner in the UK, the car has now done...
  19. Curryzz

    I want 400bhp!!!!!

    Just been out in my friends 419.bhp at the wheels rx7 and it was so much quicker than my s15,i would like to no how much internal work id need to get that kind of power?will the gear box hold up to this?Im going to pop down to PPI who looks after my car and c what he can do for me, im going to...
  20. Curryzz

    Need ideas on how to anchor my harnesses!

    Just need some ideas on how people have done there harnesses, my car is now stipped in the back and me and my girlfriend have spent six hours trying to remove the sticky insualtion crap:down: anyway im nearly there with that so il finish it during the week, but i need to fit ither a stut brace...