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  1. Surfing Boris

    FS: Lightning yellow Spec R Aero

    FOR SALE: NISSAN S15 SPEC R, £11, 800 ono Factory Aero kit in Nissan Lightning Yellow (only 1.97% of all S15s ever produced were painted yellow from the factory) Tomei 3 inch turbo elbow APW Engineering 3 inch down pipe with flexi 3 inch de-cat pipe 3 inch cat back exhaust, unknown brand...
  2. Surfing Boris

    Club Event: Classic Car show 2017

    Guys, I have just been walking round the Classic Car Show and chatting to the TVR owners and mk4 supra owners club displaying here today. Got me thinking so went to the organisers office. Car clubs don't cost any thing to show for the weekend but it is a whole weekend commitment. I am looking...
  3. Surfing Boris

    Power Steering Fluid

    Think I need to change my fluid. When the car is cold turning left or right on near to full lock I get a groaning/ whining from the front of the car that can be felt through the steering wheel. The steering is no heavier then normal and other than that the car drives absolutely fine. I have...
  4. Surfing Boris

    WTB: Any old 17 inch alloys for drifting.

    I am looking for a pair of 17 inch alloys to put on purely for drifting on. Can be as rough as a badgers arse as long as they can hold tyres on the rim. As cheap as possible if not free to a good home!!!!
  5. Surfing Boris

    Open Event: Japday Castle Combe

    Hi guys, Are there any plans for an S15oc club attendance at Japday at Castle Combe this year??
  6. Surfing Boris

    Rocker Cover Torque Settings

    Hi guys, I am having my rocker cover dipped and I have ordered new rubber gaskets and some flange sealant ready to put it all back together but does someone know what torque setting the torque wrench should be? I have read some advice that you should just use a normal socket set and go finger...
  7. Surfing Boris

    How many Yellow Aero's are there in the UK

    When I bought the yellow aero Torque GT told me it had been a hard find for them, especially in such a good condition and I have been to a number of meets with fb car groups in the south west and had loads of people say how they have never seen a yellow aero. I am now wondering how many yellow...
  8. Surfing Boris

    Moving to America

    Evening ladies and Gents, I am in the RN and it turns out it is very likely that I might be posted to the States in April. Gutted as I have only had my 15 since August 15!! So I had options, sell it and buy something American once over there. Keep it in the UK somewhere, possibly father in...
  9. Surfing Boris

    Carbon Fibre dash dipping / wrapping

    Hi guys, There are a couple of guys near me who do dipping and I would like to do the usual of dipping the centre console and door handles etc. Can the entire dashboard come out?? If so, how easy is it to get it out as I fancy dipping the entire dashboard!!!
  10. Surfing Boris

    Manifold and pipework choices

    So i managed to slam the underside of the car on the deck on Sunday night and while i hope it was just the chassis rails taking the impact i am concerned i may have walloped the exhaust and know there is a risk that thump can transit up to the weakest point and find a nice weld in the manifold...
  11. Surfing Boris

    FS: Badges for sale

    Hi Guys, I have just de-badged the car and am selling the Nissan and Silvia boot badges and the two Spec R badges from the wings. The passenger side Spec R badge split at the letter R but it goes back together and appears immaculate. Looking for £ 50 ono plus postage. I am in Birmingham at the...
  12. Surfing Boris

    removing badges advice needed

    I would like to de-badge the rear and remove the spec r badges from the car. Can anyone advise the easiest way to do this so that (a) the badges stay in one piece, and (b) I don't do any damage to the paintwork!! Thanks guys
  13. Surfing Boris

    Hks ssqv

    I have brought the HKS SSQV and want to fit it but it looks like I need to move the fuse box out the way and it doesn't say any way to do it, if I undo the bolts will it simply lift out of the way? And so I really need to unplug the negative battery terminal?
  14. Surfing Boris

    DMAX 50/50 tail lights wiring

    So i bought myself some new DMAX tail lights thinking they would be straight forward plug and play but the connectors on the new lights are two separate parts and the OEM connector is a single piece. Hopefully that makes sense but how the hell do I murge the correct wires???
  15. Surfing Boris

    Insurance issues

    Guys, My car is finally registered with the DVLA, although the insurance companies can't find it on the database!! I am having problems getting quotes with a number of insurers refusing insurance on the modifications, these are listed as; Oz Alloy wheels NISMO Suspension Blitz Induction Kit...
  16. Surfing Boris

    Profile Picture

    Okay so I know I'm being really thick here but how the hell do I change my profile pic. Every time I try and edit my profile I can change the biog etc but I can't upload a pic anywhere!
  17. Surfing Boris

    After 18 months I am finally an S15 owner!!!

    I have finally done it!!! Went to Torque GT this afternoon and went for a drive and climbed all over the car. Very happy
  18. Surfing Boris

    Knight Racer Carbon Fibre

    Hi Guys, I am a big fan of the BGW and have been looking at the D1 style Carbon Fibre BGW on Knight Racer for £289.99 which seems really cheap for a carbon wing. DOes anbody have one of these on their cars and if so can you post a picture, they list the measurements on the website but it's...
  19. Surfing Boris

    Cornish Body Shops

    Hi Guys, I am trying to find a good company in the South West that will de-lock, remove all badges, and remove the original spoiler from an S15 boot. I want to get a couple of quotes from decent garages. Does anybody know of anywhere in the SW that can do a good job and comes reccommended please?
  20. Surfing Boris

    Dash cam

    Not sure if this is the right section for this post or not but I want to get a dash cam but having never bought one I am looking for advice as to what to look for or if anyone knows a good one to buy. They seem to be a great idea for the off chance the horrible happens and you've done nothing...