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    FS: 18 inch weds wheels fs

    Hi Weds shoki Three piece split wheels for sale 18x8.5j et 32 18x9.5j et44 Need refurb Location is Northampton. pickup preferred but can post on buyer expense. £750
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    FS: Power fc with hand controller, z32 maf, innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale

    Hi as per title s15's sr20det apexi power fc for sale. Taken out from 2000 - 2007 kazama motorsports demo pink silvia s15 so it's basically tuned how do I know because it's above 1 bar but with right maf sensor and injectors. Z32 maf also comes from same car. Innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale to...
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    WTB: Dmax rear fenders 50mm

    Hi i am looking for dmax 50mm rear fender ki any one got for sale do let me know. New or used doesn't matter. I have been waiting for epracing since last summer but they still didn't got. If any of friend is willing to sell his old 50mm dmax rear fenders plz pm me.
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    Sr20vet conversion

    Hi as per title i have a complete sr20vet from xtrail and i am collecting knowledge before starting my work. I am changing the cams to n1 cams, putting rocker arms both sides. I am deleting vct. Because going on link ecu. Applying cam angle sensor. Manifold (exaust) will be changed But I want...
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    Hard wire for upgraded fuel pump?

    Hi i am on silvia s15 and i am trying to upgrade fuel pump to aem 320 lph. Do i need to hardwire with 12 guage wire and place a separate 30 amp relay .? I had searched internet there are s14 or s13 but s14 and s15 are almost same in mechanical works.. but what haunt me that do s15 need hard...
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    Sr20vet queries?

    Hi everyone i need a knowledge on sr20vet... Because i was thinking to change to sr20vet from sr20det other than mazworx conversion kit i am not knowledgeable to sr20vet. Checked many forums regarding vet but not satisfied on my queries... and yes i am trying to swap p12 primera sr20ve head if...
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    Sr20det missing under boost

    Hi i have been googling and asking seniors but couldn't find a solution . I am actually driving a s15 spec r on power fc and regular works on it but i am having issue for a time which was not earlier. So the problem is when i am on apex of boost my car just start bogging or missing and give...
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    WTB: Sr20det coilpacks wtd:

    Hi as per title i am looking for s15 coilpacks if any one selling do let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Work vskf sale

    Hi guys i am selling my original work vskf 17x7 +45 offset chrome . these are actually three piece splitting wheels that are easily extended by vrwheels ,wheelflip, 5one and . I am located in northampton . Interested do pm Price is £799 And after extension it seems like this on 17...
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    FS: Work vs-kf for sale

    Here is for sale Selling my genuine work vskf alloy wheels no tyres taken out from my Silvia s15 . Selling them due to extra alloys so no space. They are good in condition little bit of scratches as u can see in pics but nothing major never been repaired Size is 17x7j offset +45 three piece...
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    Grams styling +80mm fenders for silvia s15 ? What are they actually?

    I was in search of dmax 50mm fenders but fortunately i saw these fenders on ebay with 80mm width and are much familier with dmax but on other pics it shows bn sports which is not required. I asked her him but not answered correctly. So if anyone has bought frim grams styling please share its...
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    WTB: Standard spec r spoiler needed..

    Hi as per title i am desperately looking for spec r spoiler if any brother here is selling in uk in good price do pm me thanks........
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    WTB: Standard parts...

    Hi as per title i am looking for some stock standard parts If any body can get me to it... 1,standard spec r spoiler 2, sr20det coilpacks 3, aero bumper (fpr) 4,roof linear (power window) one I mention fpr in aero bumper because a guy here was...
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    FS: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi as per title if any one selling plz do let me know.
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    WTB: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi, as per title Looking for s15 oem spoiler.and dmax roof spoiler. Located in northampton if any for sale do let me know. Thanks.
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    WTB: Dmax 50mm rear fender and dmax roof spoiler.

    Hi as per title i am desperately searching for 50mm dmax fenders and dmax roof spoiler if any one is upto do let me know and any site in uk who's selling these other rhdjapan. Com and frsport and epracing. Japanese site sellingbit shipping so expensive...
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    osgiken clutch seems slipped but not

    i just change my s15 std clutch to os giken twin plate . the giken clutch is actually bit used and took out from driven s15 but i cleaned the minor rust on it except plates. now the issue is that my car is not gripping ( high rpm but no speed above then 50kmh) it seems like clutch is...
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    WTB: Aero front bumper needed ? Replica or oem any...

    Hi as per title need a aero front bumper needed ... Sam liam a guy sold all his replica missed that oppertunity .. any one????
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    WTB: D-max roof wing/spoiler needed..

    Hi any one in uk selling d-max roof spoiler as shown in below link..
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    stance and drifting issues...

    hi i started this thread just to know the exact experience of any of the guys here in the holy world of drifting . i am actually trying to get 215/35r18 on 18x9 and thats much poke and stretch just to clear my fenders though im on big spacers. but can any one tell me that is it good for...